British PM Theresa May to resign on June 7

British PM Theresa May to resign on June 7

British PM Theresa May said on Friday she would step down on June 7, succumbing to calls in her governing Conservative Party to make way for a new leader. ’It is now clear to me that it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort’, said May while announcing her resignation as leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Crate Job!
Crate Job! 1 year

She did it. She actually did it...

Michael Shields
Michael Shields 1 year

All she had to do was stand by her own words. Good riddance.

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 1 year

"It is now clear to me..." Good, because it was clear to the rest of us two years ago that you weren't the person for the job. If May had come to the realisation that she wasn't fit for the job at the same time the rest of us did, there's a good chance that there wouldn't be UK elections for the EU parliament right now.

Brandon Mount
Brandon Mount 1 year


Thumper Plexed
Thumper Plexed 1 year

Bye Theresa 👋

IIZard 1 year

she had a tough job to do, but she didn't get it done.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 1 year

should have happened 3 years ago, along with Merkel, and every other globalist pig hell bent on the destruction of Europe.

TheBornOfFire 1 year

ding dong the witch is.... out on her arse.

Mark Oulaghan
Mark Oulaghan 1 year

still say she should be on spike at traitors gate

As Told By Anakin Skywalker
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 1 year


Cameron 1 year


nanoo 1 year

Bye Felicia 👋

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 1 year

don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out, you incompetent twat. hopefully the Britt's can have Thier own "Trump" moment now. as an Australian that just experienced it, it is delicious.

Eric Shun
Eric Shun 1 year

she will absolutely go down in history as one of the worst prime ministers of all time.

TheBornOfFire 1 year

well she handled the Falklands and the miners well but becoming a feminist and vomiting on brexit was ill advised. I've only watched the news today and once in 1984.

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

With full pension

Vercing Geterix
Vercing Geterix 1 year

Too bad she's not resigning in May...

Darth Quaint
Darth Quaint 1 year

Right brain: Holy crap finally! The incompetent witch gains a brain cell! Left Brain: Crap, now who are they gonna put in the driver seat?

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 1 year


Gradient Flow
Gradient Flow 1 year

Good riddance

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