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Supreme Court to decide on free speech involving student’s Snapchat outburst

Supreme Court to decide on free speech involving student’s Snapchat outburst

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a free-speech case involving a teen who was dropped from her cheerleading team for using profanities on Snapchat. It is now weighing whether to issue a sweeping ruling to bring First Amendment for schools or settle for something less. Pennsylvania schoolgirl Brandi Levy was dropped as a cheerleader for blurted profanities against the school on Snapchat in 2017.

Seekster 2 months

This is a tricky one. The post was done off of school property and it wasn't during a school event and it wasn't directed at someone at the school (such as in the case of bullying) so I am leaning towards this being none of the school's business.

Pocky 2 months

If it's not during the school hours or during a school activity I don't see how it's anyone's business. She shouldn't be punished for how she spends her free time.

bobby_5150 2 months

For higher education, the SCOTUS has already ruled that a student's 1a rights don't turn off at the campus gates. How could it be any different for lower levels?

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 months

Jerry...private sector jobs and public schools are 2 different're comparing apples to oranges.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

Since people lose their jobs for things they do and say online all the time, how is this different? I rember two Budweiser employees who were fired after a picture of them drinking Miller lite on a patio on their own time, was posted on Facebook. Stuff like this happens all the time, was she wearing her cheer uniform when she did this? I still don’t see how this got to the Supreme Court to be honest, sounds like some serious sense of entitlement to me...

Cory 2 months

Free speech at any cost. When we don't communicate we stop progressing as a society. Like north korea which is stuck in the 1960s

Yoseph 2 months

This is sad. She must be very bummed. Regardless of the legality here there are major lessons to be learned regarding digital media presence. Be careful on the network!

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 2 months

I just love how stuff like this happens. Social media platforms schools business stick their noses into our personal business when they have right to do so.

robert 2 months

Imagine working at a conservative news base, and expecting something different....that is more suprising to me.

Brad 2 months

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Extracurricular activites are not guaranteed rights. If she had been suspended or expelled from school, then ahe would have had my support. Post how crappy your job or your boss is. That is the same as seeing them in public and telling them off. If you're not happy with a position, they can help you move on to a happier one. They don't need you on their team demoralizing the rest of the members.

MrWizard 2 months

Freedom of speech cannot be regulated without being destroyed.

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