Judge blocks border wall construction along Texas and Arizona

Judge blocks border wall construction along Texas and Arizona

U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam blocked the construction of the border wall. The judge issued the order after hearing the arguments for the two different cases, one led by the ACLU partnered with 20 states, and one from the Sierra Club and other interested parties. The sections of wall in question were along Texas and Arizona, totaling 51 miles of border.

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy
Eva Blue
Eva Blue 1 year

What the hell are activist judges in California making calls for Texas and Arizona for? Listen up California, we don't want to be a cesspool like you.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

Activist judge blocking the executive branch.

Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

No surprise: Obama judge makes nation less safe.

Unbiased Intent
Unbiased Intent 1 year

Trump should get his address and drop off some enriching illegals. He'll change his tone sooner than I can say treason.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

Traitor judge.

Nick Litten
Nick Litten 1 year

while the judge that ordered 'no secure border wall' lives in a big mansion house secured by big safe secure walls... 🙄

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 1 year

that california judge needs to be arrested for treason.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 year

Trump is head of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH, the branch of government that EXECUTES the law. The judge had a chance before the rules got to Trump's desk. Trump should ignore the ruling and continue.

The Late Boy Scout
The Late Boy Scout 1 year

No more support for you, Sierra Club.

Minnie De Mouse
Minnie De Mouse 1 year

But still a wall is going up And the longer it takes to do the more idiotic the demonrats seem But it's great cause it means trump will get re-elected in 2020

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 year

ACLU says this is a "...win for border communities." What the F does that mean?

JMMA-Z 1 year

this judge needs to be put in prison. this bullshit. I want the border secured here in AZ as do most of the people living here. how the fuck is this allowed to happen?

WWG1WGA 1 year

Once again another Judge that will be overruled

Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael 1 year

It won't stop the wall, only stall it.

Aladdin 1 year

Ok, trump has more power than a judge so this is irrelevant and this judge is just trying to look good which he doesnt. This is as pointless as CAH buying land to stop the wall. Trump is getting his wall no matter what anyone does or says and people need to understand that.

OumanCoder 1 year

A judge breaking the law? Wow, how far can liberalism get away with it?🤔 #BuildTheWall

Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael 1 year

Not for long.

Jim Regan
Jim Regan 1 year

Will be overturned, meanwhile the invasion continues...

Hannibal 1 year

Work can still continue, even with an injunction. It happens all the time with sundry federal projects. Federal agencies can choose to ignore rulings until SCOTUS says otherwise and even then rulings are often ignored. Look at gun rights: despite two rulings municipal firearms laws haven't adapted one bit.

blah blah
blah blah 1 year

You guise wana bet the wall still goes up? How is over turning the muslim ban? Lol...

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