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Stolen NSA hacking tool now victimizing US cities

Stolen NSA hacking tool now victimizing US cities

As per a report by NYT, a hacking tool developed by the US NSA is now being used to shut down American cities and towns. Code-named EternalBlue, the hacking exploit involves malicious software and was leaked in 2017. In the latest, the city of Baltimore has been hobbled since a ransomware attack on May 7 ensnared the local government’s computers, disrupting city services.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 year

This is one more reason to hate the NSA. Time to get rid of it. Those who give up liberty for security don't deserve either.

La Verdad Queso
La Verdad Queso 1 year

Hmmm. . .my question is, how was it stolen. By who, and for what purpose other than money. Additionally, how incompetent is the NSA? Or was it an intentional leak? No matter what, heads must roll.

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