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De Blasio on Trump, ’I get under his skin’

De Blasio on Trump, ’I get under his skin’

NYC Mayor and presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio said he is trying to fight against negative polls. De Blasio pointed to his history with Trump, saying he can ’get under his skin’. He also claimed that Trump’s presidency could be at risk before the next election even takes place. De Blasio claimed he was not concerned about polls at this point time, saying, ’voters will get to know me’.

consistency 1 year

who wrote the headline? talk about biased. Edit: title has been changed from running for profit.

Hannibal 1 year

Anyone else find all this anti-incarceration rhetoric a bit convenient? I mean come on, Kamala Harris made her political career as a drug warrior throwing the book at young minorities. And de Blasio... NYC crime in 1980 looked like Detroit. It might not have affected the rich but millions of New Yorkers remember. Mass incarceration and no-nonsense Rudy Giuliani saved that city.

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 1 year

De Blasio like the parasite he is brags about acting like a parasitic worm. De Blasio even sounds like a medical condition lol.

Bennington 1 year

it seems you also get under the skin of your police department

Tim Smock
Tim Smock 1 year

It is amazing how many pundants and politicians claim to have the ability to read Trump's inner thoughts. Seriously this people are deranged. Trump thinks you're the the greatest fool to run for president yet. It brings him great laughter daily.

Highlander 1 year

I seriously doubt Trump even gives him a second thought. Why on earth does De Blassio even believe Trump gives a shit about what he says or does. Even the people if NY don't want him to run, not that De Blassio can even get above 1% in any poll.

AY-MO mk2
AY-MO mk2 1 year

Aye like a fucking parasite

Sean 1 year

Like scabies.

consistency 1 year

the new headline makes it sound like you singing a Sinatra song

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