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Oklahoma, J&J face off in first opioid crisis trial

Oklahoma, J&J face off in first opioid crisis trial

J&J is set to face trial on Tuesday in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by the state of Oklahoma accusing the drugmaker of helping fuel the opioid epidemic. The case is the first of more than 2,000 lawsuits to go to trial over claims that opioid manufacturers deceptively marketed painkillers to downplay the risk of addiction. J&J denies wrongdoing and says it marketed its products appropriately.

Tetranome 1 year

They marketed them "appropriately" for sure... I smell a settlement coming. 😆🏳

Lolita Dolorosa
Lolita Dolorosa 1 year

The manufacturers of Oxycodone knew the drug was highly addicted and even claimed in advertisements that the risk for abuse was minimal. Even a minimal risk should have been seen as too much risk. Just give people prescription heroin, and let people manage their pain on their own. They should have legalized opioids before marijuana. Opioids are a greater necessity than some college students' right to blaze.

TheAddledSpine 2 months

As a chronic pain patient who considers herself to be fairly knowledgeable about treatments available for someone like me, a disabled retired teacher, I feel much like I'm an unwitting idiot to the schemes of big pharma.

Minnie De Mouse
Minnie De Mouse 1 year

This is getting ridiculous all it's really doing is making it almost impossible for a person who just had surgery to get pain pills But the ones who have been on them for decades for no reason but they like them can get them without a problem

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