Uber’s updated Social Credit System to deactivate riders with low ratings

Uber’s updated Social Credit System to deactivate riders with low ratings

Cab sharing Tech-startup Uber has, in a blog post, revealed that it may soon revoke access to riders with a sufficiently low average rating on its app. Explaining that ’respect is a two way street’ its users will be given ample opportunity to increase their rating before their access is restricted. Promoting polite behaviour, Uber plans on introducing a quiet mode that may charge its riders extra.

Himadri Mandal
Himadri Mandal
Ognar 9 months

I don't want to have to rate my driver, I don't mind having the option. But I am paying for a ride, I should not be required to also give that person a reference. And if out of not rating drivers; I end up being rated low, then I will happily use some other service. For all I know this will not affect me, and I am not opposed to drivers having a counter to disruptive and abusive customers, but this also seems like something that will end up being used as a political tool against whichever side the driver is on?

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 9 months

Another back door into the social credit system.

.       .
. . 9 months

In America APP rates you.

IIZard 9 months

Why? Surly drivers will just stop taking them and they'll leave on their own accord

Sir_Kutz 9 months

That’s cool, prices sky rocketed after the regulated cabs went away. Haven’t used the service in over a year.

Binx1 9 months

good. tho i have 5 stars. uber is charging to much inflating tax. so they can yield higher profit. and they get restaurts to charge you higher prices in food.

WJ MacKENZIE 9 months

They already overcharge, service is unreliable, and now they want to add in something that will most certainly be abused? Probably not the best move when you have little to no actual quality control on your 'employees', but if that's how they want to run their company....

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