Missing Utah girl’s body has been found

Missing Utah girl’s body has been found

Police in Utah have confirmed that a body found after a five-day search is that of a 5-year-old girl taken from her home and killed by her uncle. Elizabeth ’Lizzy’ Shelley’s remains were found less than a block from her home on Wednesday. The body was found after the girl’s uncle Alex Whipple gave his lawyer a map of where she was hidden in exchange for prosecutors not to pursue the death penalty.

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 1 year

True evil.

themdg 1 year

Why do these murderers want to avoid the death penalty? So they can live in prison and wallow in regret for 60-80 years? I don't get it.

Stal 1 year

Alex Whipple - Oh, he's not a muslim!!!!!!!!!! But he did kill. How come? Must be a muslim supporter.

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