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Army vet who served in Iraq faces hate crime charges

Army vet who served in Iraq faces hate crime charges

An Iraq war veteran accused of intentionally plowing his car into pedestrians in a California town last month was charged Thursday with hate crimes. Prosecutors alleged he was motivated by the belief two of the people looked like they were Muslim or Indian. On April 24, Isaiah Joel Peoples sped up and purposely ran over pedestrians in a crosswalk in the Silicon Valley suburb of Sunnyvale.

SûmFigöt 1 year

He looks like Roberts Downey Jr. from Tropic Tinder

Don Javis
Don Javis 1 year

They'll prolly try an pin him for being a hwite nationalist, I feel bad for this dude. Peek honk honk

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 1 year

I met a half black Navy vet with deployments under his belt, claimed one at Gitmo, and said he converted to Islam. We were at the Mulholland Snake at some God forsaken hour with other automotive enthusiasts. When I first heard about this story awhile back I nearly pissed in my cornflakes.

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