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Biden pushes for passing PRO Act, $15 minimum wage in first joint address

Biden pushes for passing PRO Act, $15 minimum wage in first joint address

In his first address to a joint session of Congress, President Joe Biden on Wednesday called upon lawmakers to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act – a sweeping pro-union legislation and raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. The PRO Act remains stalled in the Senate. The $15 minimum wage dropped from Covid relief fund after the Senate parliamentarian blocked it.

Glen 1 weeks

CNN has completely lost their minds. How can they possibly overlook the fact that Biden is single handedly bankrupting the United States. Big government means big taxes and CNN is giving Biden a free pass to tax the hell out of the American people

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 weeks

Withered whispering husk of a demented puppet. Makes me sad for United States. 558 days to start fixing the mess. 42 months to un-F the country.

Rocky 1 weeks

Hard pass on this proposed policy change. The initial minimum wage laws severely hurt those in poverty and we have a lot of that in this very weak recovery state. Why do they always do this? They try to dress up their special interest and big government programs as some sort of offering to the proletariat. They will fleece us to offer back the crumbs once they are gorged and pat each other on the back with awards for the humanitarians they think they are. They disgust me with their ign0rance, vanity, and hypocrisy. The list of atrocities under this administration are lengthy. Let's hope the majority never come to fruition.

michael 1 weeks

It's amazing how people try to blame inflation on the minimum wage. It's been stagnant for years and inflation has continued. So at this point it's cruel to tell people we expect them to work for essentially one quarter what we used to pay them.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Raise min wage to $15 and burgers will go up to $20 add fries and a drink and fast food gonna cost that same as 4star restaurant. Rent goes up then electric then everyone's back where we are today. Service companies will simply go full commissions across the board. Not a Biden hater as to me hes just another politician and by far the lesser of 2 evils but this is simply going to constrict the workforce for awhile until a new balance is set. McDonald's drive thru jobs are supposed to be for kids not people with kids.

Hunter 1 weeks

If you’re against the $15/minimum wage, I hope you’re ok with paying for people with your tax dollars through welfare. The people making less than that, have to get on welfare to support themselves PLUS their job. Instead of their corporation paying them, that’s making profits, YOU want to pay for them, through your taxes.

Remy 1 weeks

Increased minimum wage means job cuts and/or increased prices on goods... same goes for the increased corporate taxes. When you increase the overhead of companies, those costs get passed on to the consumer. That's simple economics. But this Democrat America relies on the greed of American citizens. All you people see is the dollar sign with no thought of repercussions or insight into WHY they want to do these things. Everything Joey wants to do is beneficial to the government, not the people. Green energy, tax rates, wages, education programs... none of this HELPS the American people! Anyone notice how many times he said the word "jobs" last night? Have we all heard of the Illusory Truth Effect? Wake the hell up, people. Take time to educate yourselves and research the effects of these proposals (from GOVERNMENT and COLLEGIATE sources, not media!)

Matthew 1 weeks

Why 15 dollars? Why not 50 dollars? I mean, logic behind this act is that you can assign value rather than let the market dictate why so low?

trevor pierce
trevor pierce 1 weeks

This mandated 15 minimum wage has failed here in ny. The rest of the usa can look forward to wage compression and rising prices of goods, essentially leaving the poor in the same place they were while dragging down the rest of the middle class with them. The wrok and demand determines the wages not the govt

Eric 1 weeks

If you are a business owner, you got to be looking at this guy and saying wtf dude!🤣🤣🤣

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 weeks

Mark Twain explained the dolly of this act back in 1890. Read chapter 33 of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" for validation.

Randy 1 weeks

Why don’t we slowly raise minimum wage to $15? If we did an extra $1.25/hr each year until $15 was achieved, wouldn’t that rate of increase outgrow inflation?

Nott 1 weeks

The reason people think raising the minimum wage leads to inflation, is because it usually does. When you raise the bottom wages, you eventually have to raise across the board over the next few years, and that cost is always passed on to the consumer for goods and services. 98-99% of businesses will raise prices, vs taking pay cuts at the top or trying to more efficiently spend their money on expenses. So within 5 or so years after raising minimum wage, the people at the bottom, will be in the same place they were before you started, but youre aiding in collapsing your econemy. You cant just double the min wage every 5 years to try an always make poor people not poor. It wont work. However, due to the massive spending and printing of money, if we leave the minimum wage and welfare as thy are right now, no changes at all, we are going to see 200%+ inflation, just due to the money printing. Thus I actually support the $15 min wage, despite understanding, in most cases, raising the min wage is a red herring that has almost no benefit to poor people, aside from a very temporary relief, but only for working people. The poor who dont work, suffer more with min wage increases. I know a lot of people would say, good, fuck lazy people who dont work, but that is one side effect of min wage increases. People living on welfare will suffer until they raise benefits to them. Since we already hae rampant runaway inflation, a min wage increase, I think it a good thing. I think it may actually be beneficial in this specific scenario, but it also playcates "the left" for a while. Which is very much a part of politics, you cant completely ignore peoples pleas forever. If we raise min wage now, that gives us a good 15 years without hearing about it by anyone but the most extremes.

Glen 1 weeks

The press will gush over anything a liberal says. True or false.

Eric 4 days

How this causes inflation is very simple folks. Businesses are NOT going to absorb the extra payroll cost. Employers will just bump of there item cost and it will trickle down to the consumer. That is textbook inflation. Then.. when inflation has risen and becomes steady again that $15 isn’t worth sh*t AGAIN. VERY BASIC ECONOMICS HERE. If you can’t understand this simple concept I don’t know what to tell you accept life is hard but it’s even more difficult if you’re stu*id.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

Did Republicans still boycot it while whimpering about bipartisanship?

Jon 1 weeks

Si virtue. Much signal. Pity there was less meat on the bones of his speech than on Pelosi's chicken legs.

Glen 1 weeks

Biden and Harris are complete failures. Yet the sheep still follow. How fitting.

Aleks 1 weeks

The bots are out in force today... same lame comments on each post...

TaxTheRich 1 weeks

Good. Now this is a start.

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