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Cruise ship rams tourist boat in Venice canal injuring 4

Cruise ship rams tourist boat in Venice canal injuring 4

A cruise ship rammed into a sightseeing boat on Italy’s Venice canal Sunday morning. Video shows the luxury MSC Opera unable to stop and repeatedly blaring its horn as it hits the much-smaller River Countess. Four tourists were injured on the sightseeing boat that had 110 passengers. MSC Cruises blamed a mechanical problem on its ship as it tried to dock in the Giudecca Canal.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 1 year

Cruise Ship Captain: Y'all feel a bump?

Notsurewewillsee 1 year

It seems that it isn’t safe to be around these large cruise ships anymore. With what happened last week and now this. Maybe cruise ships are trying to get rid of the smaller competition?

Mitchell 1 year

Don't worry captain we'll just buff out those scratches.

Hired Troll
Hired Troll 1 year

They never saw that one coming! Out of the blue, a cruise appears! injuring 5 people!

thepurpleman 1 year

RIP paintjob

A Car Guy
A Car Guy 1 year

Ban assault cruise ships! Full background checks needed before purchase!

Deathstorm 6
Deathstorm 6 1 year

I hear Speed 2 is getting a remake

Meyer 1 year

Ahh! My Neck!

SûmFigöt 1 year

Too many tourists

Hired Troll
Hired Troll 1 year

Is anyone else curious as to how 5 people got injured?

Pugpugpugs 1 year

Okay tina just turn the wheel

Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA 1 year

whats space age tech for, tissue and toilet paper

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