YouTube bans white supremacist content, other hateful material

YouTube bans white supremacist content, other hateful material

YouTube updated its hate speech policies Wednesday to prohibit videos with white supremacy and neo-Nazi viewpoints. The company said it has already made it more difficult to find and promote such videos, but it’s now removing them outright. YouTube will also prohibit videos that deny certain proven events have taken place, such as the Holocaust.

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 7 months

Lies. Dirty fucking lies. They are fucking over anyone they can while they still can, because some retarded fig couldnt get a blow job from crowder. This degenerate maza has been posting his degeneate orgy lifestyle online around the clock, nude pictures and all.

GUYIVKS 7 months

so youtube will now deplatform cenk's young 💩s for denial of the turkish holocaust of Armenian,Assyrian and Hellenic christians 1915-25 ? cnn for the, so bad that even other leftwing nutjob media outlets complain, lies they tell about trump? pigs are primed and ready for takeoff. 🌬✈🐖🐩

MT144 7 months

censorship establishing protected classes of people that you can't criticize. yet another reason for trump to go after online censorship by these tech oligarchies.

Robert 7 months

Good, now maybe Bitchute can start over taking YouTube.

Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 7 months

Extreme to whom I wonder

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 7 months

And since they consider anything right of antifa to be wrong-think that's pretty much any normal political commentator on the platform. Wouldn't want any support for the 'wrong team' in the run up to 2020 now would we?

Hunter Selbach
Hunter Selbach 7 months

(((Extreme Views)))

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