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Video of NRA head LaPierre shooting elephant in Africa triggers outrage

Video of NRA head LaPierre shooting elephant in Africa triggers outrage

A video released by the New Yorker and Trace shows Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association boss, and his wife fatally shooting two endangered Savannah elephants in Botswana in 2013. The video was originally filmed for an NRA-sponsored television series but was never aired due to public relations concerns. Wildlife conservationists have expressed their disgust over the 10-minute video.

Ricky 2 months

If he is hunting legally with all the permits and licenses then I think the problem lies with Botswanan authorities. The Botswanan regulating bodies shouldn’t allow the hunting of endangered species in the first place. Don’t you also think we should also take into account the fact that the video is 7 years old.

Cían 2 months

If he’s followed Botswana’s laws and regulations what’s the problem? These kind of hunts are set up as a conservation effort. Bull elephants are extremely territorial and protective of there females and will ward off if not kill younger bulls attempting to mate. So by keep an old bull in an area after he’s past his prime will prevent younger ones from creating offspring subsiquently leading to both a reduction in births and an increase in insest as the offspring that are born have no other potential mates than the decendents of the bull that was allowed to stay in place.

Bode 2 months

The only thing worse than these evil heads are the African countries that allow these to happen in their country

O'Brien 2 months

Someone needs a good elephant-stomping.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

Killing an endangered animal for a personal trophy is the epitome of selfishness. This is what trash people do.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

I always read about hunters getting taken out by some wild animal.... How come this putrid pos isn't the victim of a wild animal attack? Of all the ppl the animals can take out.

Michael 2 months

He didn’t even know what he was doing let alone how to handle a gun and he is the head of the NRA??? Garbage!

Arthur 2 months

Get over it its all legal and above board !

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 months

Lol all of the enraged leftists on this one. Legal permit. Following all laws. What is wrong with that? There isn’t anything wrong with hunting, in fact it’s good to control populations. I remember in Michigan they had to airdrop in a ton of Canadian wolves because there were too many deer because not enough were hunted.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

Too bad everything is partisan these days. This is an evil man, no matter if he was "following laws" or not. And I'm not a leftist. Some laws follow morality, and others don't. Everyone should be able to agree with that in some way...maybe?

Chrisby 2 months

Another bloke with small willy energy

Mandraquex3000 2 months

Was it endangered 7 years ago?

Rocky 2 months

OMG! The guy who fights for rights to hunt is filmed hunting legally for a television show😱. The horror....//S

Justin 2 months

Legal hunting. Nice shot! How is elephant meat? Anyone know?

godhillie 2 months

Look at this devil...

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