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Mass rallies, pilgrimages attributed as cause of India’s deadly Covid surge

Mass rallies, pilgrimages attributed as cause of India’s deadly Covid surge

India has recorded 360,960 new Covid cases in the past 24-hours. This was also the deadliest day so far, with 3,293 fatalities. The surge in cases is being attributed to ’super-spreader’ events recently which included: mass rallies by politicians including PM Modi, religious holidays and pilgrimages on the Ganges river. Ill-preparedness has resulted in shortage with the health system in collapse.

John W
John W 2 weeks

If they would have just carried BLM signs the mass gatherings would have been safe. Proven scientific fact, CDC.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 weeks

Highly doubt it... no the biggest cause is lack of proper hygiene measures.. not to say they are dirty but to say that is what spreads this disease.. just like the black death

Patrik Kišeda
Patrik Kišeda 2 weeks

I am from Slovakia. Our health system was on a brink of collapse with around 10 times more dead daily per capita. It's sad that they have such a poor health system.

Dave 2 weeks

But, I was led to believe it was the evil, greedy, west that caused all the deaths. This seems to be saying poor minorities are responsible for their own calamities. Better file this in the memory hole.

Mutatis 2 weeks

Meh, seems more like it is being speculated that such events played a role. Though in regards to some of these events, it also appears they occurred after infection rates were already spiking and are thus are unlikely to be a root cause of said spike.

John 2 weeks

“surge”? 3293 daily fatalities with a population of more than a billion. Percentages are useful for understanding things.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 weeks

The only thing that has changed is testing. More tests more false positives and negatives. Overall the number infected is rather meaningless. Instead, look at recovery rates. Stop looking at the individual number look at the percentages. The scale is a population of 1. 4 billion people. Overall they are still doing much better than most places. Better than all 5 Demicrat States that purposefully murdered the elderly for political gain. And with a recovery rate of 99.89% it is only marginally worse than a bad flu. What is hitting the population now is vitamin D deficiency because people do not like to go out into the sun and the diet is lacking in fortified vitamin D sources. The other thing that is blowing this up in the news is the media starved for a CCP Virus holocaust. The Western communist needs this story desperately because their push for communism via CCP virus is collapsing. Maybe another 2 to 4 weeks and Saint Fauci will be done and the whole thing collapses into a story about how the Democrat Party conspired with the CCP to steal an election and destroy Western economies for political power.

-8B8B 2 weeks

are you sure that rallying without face mask is going to help reduce the spread of the virus?😐

Shono 2 weeks

What a JOKE

Randall 2 weeks

Not to worry, politicians and gods will save everyone. Science is the devil's work. /S

katherine 2 weeks

BLM signs would of accomplished nothing, I'm not exactly sure what you meant by your words about proper hygiene, Maybe you unintentionally used the wrong words to make your point. Their hygiene has nothing to do with the spreading of covid, for instance let's say they didn't take a bath or brush their teeth. That itself would not be the reason for the rise in covid cases. I find it offensive, there's no way you can infer from a picture if they have bathed or if they brushed their teeth ect..., What I'm hoping your trying to say " they should of worn masks and maintained their space. Though hygiene plays a role in bacteria ect, that was not the issue at hand.

Sarang 2 weeks

Corruption, incompetence, fascism, apathy, ignorance. I've lived in India all my life to know exactly what's wrong with this country.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 weeks via bitslide

Rayed 2 weeks

An evil caste system.

Nickel 2 weeks

They have four times the population of the u.s. is that means they're going to have four times as many deaths

Zee 2 weeks

The government has failed the citizens of India. Few months ago I read an article where an Indian elected members request the government not to spend the money on vaccination. The mentality is more to get power and create disharmony.

Aaron 2 weeks

And China fighting on boarder has nothing to do with anything, or does it?

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