Venezuela’s border with Colombia reopens after 4 months

Venezuela’s border with Colombia reopens after 4 months

Tens of thousands of people crossed the border with Venezuela and Colombia after it reopened for the first time in four months on Saturday. The crossing was closed in February at President Maduro’s request as opposition leader Juan Guaidó prepared to bring in US-backed humanitarian aid.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 7 months

so why they are leaving since the socialisme politics work?

Deadly104 7 months

They must be leaving so that they can show Columbia how great socialism is.

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 7 months

When you have to escape to columbia, things are real fucken bad.

Carcharias 7 months

Remember “real socialism” has never been tried. Let’s all starve ourselves for 90 days to see what it’s like shall we?

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher 7 months

According to Maduro supporters nothing is wrong in Venezuela.. these must be the “rich white fascists” that they were talking about.

Kevin Pearson
Kevin Pearson 7 months

This isn't the same socialist government that the USA has had sanctions against since said socialist government threw out its corrupt elites, took back it's oil from American corporations gave the revenue to the people, took millions out of poverty, even gave free heating oil to 500000 Americans don't see the Koche brothers doing that. Have had America steal 30 billion dollars from there oil this year which would of helped feed there people Britain stole 1 billion of gold from them. Even with all this against him the people stood by Madduro against another American coup. Must be doing something right. What you think zombies?

SimonR 7 months

These idiots who didn't prevent socialism now want to burden other countries too? Fuck them.

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