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Feds planning on indicting Chauvin, other ex-cops on civil rights charges

Feds planning on indicting Chauvin, other ex-cops on civil rights charges

Officials from the DoJ are reportedly planning on asking a grand jury to indict Derek Chauvin and the 3 other former officers involved in George Floyd’s death on charges of civil rights violations. The Justice Department has also reportedly been mulling additional charges against Chauvin in connection with a 2017 incident where he allegedly used his knee to restrain a teenager for 17 minutes.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Just keep piling on the cops and making them quit so we have no choice but to protect ourselves. We have far less rules to follow than the cops. I'm sure the body count won't skyrocket. I guess the DOJ has nothing else to investigate (cough, cough, Hunter, cough).

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 weeks

Dear American police officers. Get out while you can . Seek private sector work or move and work in small towns in red states. Or if you stay play it strictly by the book. Demand that 3 or 4 officers minimum go on calls tigether or dont go at all. Demand clear rules of engagement and always err on side of your own safety- physical and legal. Get the union to have top lawyers on retainer and insist on a lawyer after every major event before talking to I A . Avoid areas where crime levels create unreasonable danger for you unless you have icerwhelming numbers. Avoid no knock raids and insist in overwhelming numbers to serve hifh risk warrants. Be proactive with yoyr unions go on offense use your leverage- or get out of big city police departments. NO ONE with any sense will blame you and we will support you. This is madness ruling our country now.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 weeks

Hey Slevin...the police have 2 legal roles. 1. To gather evidence. 2. To apprehend lawbreakers. Protecting you or anyone else is not on that list....just sayin.

Diddy 2 weeks

More witch hunt garbage. So throw the book at Chauvin, what about BLM? Throw a post-it note if that?

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