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Freyar H 4 months
And then it lost 20% because it was so highly overvalued.
Robert 4 months
Haha, try 25%

Anubis 4 months
It's Soylent Green and we are in fact in 1984.......
applejuice 4 months
soylent green is made of people!
Jackie MOD 4 months
if this were people based itd be a lot more like meat lol
applejuice 3 months
it's from a movie, love (⌒▽⌒ゞ

SimonR 4 months
Define: Pump and Dump.

Darth Quaint 4 months
I was wondering g why only CNBC matched the aggregate, then I read up. Stock bounced harder than Nintendo's after Pokemon Go launched.

Booble Plus 4 months
The crash of this company is going to be massive lol. One of these outlets is lying to you, notice which one it is.
Jackie MOD 4 months
it's almost like the articles are from different days or something. oh wait, they are.

Sir_Kutz 4 months
Gross. Seriously, if you don’t eat meat why would you want something that resembles it?
DivineDawn 4 months
never got that my self either all these false meat products makes no sense
Jeffery Wells 4 months
Because we are built to eat meat. Humans fall more on the carnivore side of omnivore than the herbivore side. That means we crave meat, even people who avoid it. Most vegetarians are such for ethical or health reasons, not because they don't like meat. That's why so many vegetarian meal substitutes are on the market. So if you've got a plant based product that actually scratches that meat itch, rather than acting as a disappointing substitute, that's a huge win for vegetarians.
Jackie MOD 4 months
because you dont eat meat for a reason of principle?

michael zubas 4 months
Stem Cell meat would be better.

Judi Em 4 months
Talk about processed food. I want to see the ingredients list.