Former UCLA gynecologist charged with sexually abusing patients

Former UCLA gynecologist charged with sexually abusing patients

A former gynecologist who worked with students at UCLA for nearly 30 years has been charged with sexually abusing patients. Prosecutors announced the charges against Dr. James Heaps on Monday. Heaps, 62, faces charges involving his conduct with two patients at UCLA Health in 2017 and 2018. He has been charged with two counts of sexual battery of fraud and one count of sexual exploitation.

Plumer 8 months

He gets Heaps of pussy.

Gunter-c137 8 months

I don't understand, in what way did he sexually assault these women? Did he force himself on them or was it more passive. I'm just confused because his job is to have his hands near or in these women so I feel like it's an important detail. I hope for his sakes it's not something like, "he didn't listen to my non verbal signals".

MGTOW Man 8 months

Evidence first, please.

Lance 8 months

This whole situation reeks of false allegations

HueHueo Suezo
HueHueo Suezo 8 months

This smells fishy.

Conundrumb 8 months

Pics or it didn't happen?

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 8 months

in other news water is wet

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