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Putin attacked by Navalny as network is disbanded

Putin attacked by Navalny as network is disbanded

During an appearance in court from prison, Alexei Navalny accused Vladimir Putin of only caring about ’clinging to power’ and attempting to rule Russia ’forever’. Navaly appeared with a shaven head and a gaunt face. It is the first public appearance he has made since the beginning of a 2.5 year jail term. Navalny is said to be sent to jail as a punishment for his fierce criticism of the Kremlin.

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

You can cut out a tongue but you can't silence a man. It's funny I spend a lot of time mowing my yard but the grass will never stop growing.

Isaiah 2 weeks

"Harsh criticism" not false or unwarranted, just harsh

Carson 2 weeks

Russia needs more Navalnys...Until Putin passes away, he’ll be president for 12 years over two terms, be appointed by Dmitry Medvedev (his former chief of staff) as PM for six years, and “win” the presidency again. United Russia is the Soviet Communist Party 2.0. Heart breaking...

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