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Biased comment 4 months
At first I was against this but after more research. I think i've changed my mind. Chemical castration isn't the best term for this. It's more like hormonal therapy that can reduce sperm count. Its almost like male birth control. It's temporary and designed to reduce their testosterone and thus their sexual desire should be deminished. This in addition to the fact that it will only be considered on those who's victims are under 13 helps to. That way an 18 yr old cant get this punishment because of a false accusation by his ex girlfriend that's 16 or something.
Ken 4 months
your last sentence says can, when I think you meant can't...
Biased comment 4 months
@ken thanks
Azrily 4 months
Okay, that sounds way better than what I imagined. Like I thought they were going to cut off someone's penis. This sounds far more humane.

Avewarrior 4 months
holy crap I see an almost 50-50 split in the comments. points for- -crime is super heinous -crime has permanent effects on child points against- -bodily harm should never be a punishment -double standard; what about female offenders feel free to add to either list (it is nowhere near complete
Jeffery Wells 4 months
My biggest concern mainly has to do with how chemical castration has been used historically - e.g. castrating gays for the crime of being gay. It really makes me leery of how it could be used. This version of it however is apparently temporary and reversible, a kind of hormone therapy. That alleviates a lot of my concerns for potential injustice. For example if someone is later able to prove their innocence they aren't permanently fucked because they've already been castrated.
Dean! 4 months
Also think of all the men that are falsely accused by disgruntled women. I bet most of us know at least 1 man that has gone through some sort of false allegations. A lot of them never had a chance, most of them aren’t given the “presumption” of innocence. We know we always want to absolutely DESTROY anyone even accused of shut crime.
Biased comment 4 months
True it isn't targeting women. But it is used as a both control by women and it can have a similar effect to what it does on men. It may be less likely to work but still would in a certain number of women. Also correct me if I'm wrong, the majority of pedophiles that target kids under 13 are men. While not prefect it is a solution that might actually get reduce the problem even after the people are released from prison. not perfect but a potential new way to deal with aberrant sexual practices, which we all should agree pedophilia is 100% aberrant.

Jackie MOD 4 months
Wow. I didnt expect to feel so conflicted reading the news. On one hand, this is probably the best treatment I've heard of for Male sex offenders to stop future crimes. it seems to reduce recidivism by 90% when combined with therapeutic treatment (which this law doesn't consider). On the other hand, I feel like it crosses a line of personal liberty and body autonomy that i dont like at all. this should be a voluntary process, perhaps with a touch of leniency given to those willing to undertake it. I'm not saying it should mitigate jail time, but perhaps make conditions of parole less intensive as long as they stay on the treatment. theres another thing I dont like about the bill, and that's that the meds cost $1000 a month in some cases and considering that is an ex-con how will they possibly pay for that? that's like advocating for a poverty sentance, and that's a bit much. so, I'm for the treatment but against the implementation of this law, but I still feel a little shakey on it all... change my mind?
Based Haole 4 months
no one cares you fucking shill all you do is push corporate media links and report comments that refute your idiocy ya dumb cunt
Jackie MOD 4 months
and all you do is push the Jewish question, hate speech, and adhominem attacks because you dont have fact to support your positions. you couldn't even engage with my comment here, hell I doubt you even read it, all you could do is call me a "dumb cunt" which is ironic because you clearly werent smart enough to come up with a coherent counterargument.
Jester 4 months
Based, you need to chill. I don’t always agree with Jackie but she has every right to make her points. Don’t be a detestable fool.