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Biden pitches ’high-tech’ border security during speech to Congress

Biden pitches ’high-tech’ border security during speech to Congress

President Joe Biden addressed one of his administration’s biggest weaknesses during his speech before a joint session of Congress, and looked at the Republican Party to join him in passing an immigration bill, claiming it will provide resources for security. The Republican Party has severely criticized the President for moving away from the Trump administration’s strict border policies.

Milkshake 2 weeks

Of course, of course. A wall is an outdated primitive method. Americans must go high tech. Americans must go minefields maintained, placed, and replaced by drones. Much cheaper than wall, much more effective. Technology proven to work. Also every mine should have a McDonalds mark on it and be painted in LGBT colors, while every drone should be painted in the transgender flag because the cyan color in it fits will with the sky while the pink fits well with the sunset. A mine going off is also the alarm which is both sound and also seismic at long distances which saves money on the amount of guard/response houses required, and they can also have underground sensors to blow up and collapse any tunnel attempts. Ah, my brilliance knows no bounds. Why didn't Americans employ me for their border security? Don't they know us Balkan people are the best at this ergo they avoided ground intervention like the plague during the wars? Alas.

Rocky 2 weeks

He didn't halt wall production at all. He didn't even halt the property confiscations.🤦🏽‍♂️ http////

Shono 2 weeks

Great Reset Puppet of China = J0e The Ped0

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