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Havoc44 6 days
what's to deliberate. if the well-being of the people were his concern he should have called the hospital instead of hiding them in his Shack. humanitarian Aid does not mean you can subvert the immigration system
AY-MO 5 days
So you want to give these illegals free healthcare
Havoc44 5 days
AY-MO you do realize that hospitals have a theocratic oath... and they would of been turned over to ice after treatment right?
AY-MO 5 days
Actually Havoc its the law that Hospitals cannot turn away emergency cases, and its an added cost to the healthcare system which gets shoved off to those that pay for health insurance and in some cases the taxpayer, so in other words, you would be paying for these theoretical people. But it was a stupid suggestion, why wouldn't you just be a snitch and turn them directly over to ICE, regardless of their medical state, fuckem right, a dead illegal is a good illegal.

Barny Fraggles 6 days
Nope but he should be made financially responsible for all of them indefinitely.

Barny Fraggles 6 days
It should be like calling the emergency service, you then become financially liable for every single one you 'helped'

Booble Plus 5 days
Well that guys wins the most punchable face award. His smugness and two-facedness is staggering.

SimonR 4 days
Send him to Mexico.

CoLpOeSnED 5 days
wow.. what a criminal he is for trying to help.. go after the banks for fucks sake
Based Haole 5 days
a crime is a crime he broke the law he goes to jail any other outcome is a subversion of our legal system while I agree that the banks are also criminals you don't get a free pass because there are worse crimes going on
Booble Plus 5 days
wHy Do YoU wAnNa EnFoRcE lAwS bRaH hE jUsT rObBeD a BaNk iT wAs JuSt CoRrEcTiVe RaPe kIlLiNg ThE mAlL sHoPpErS wAs PrEvEnTiNg OvErPoPuLaTiOn bRaH!?
SimonR 4 days
What did the banks do here? Nothing.

David 5 days
Our him into prison for life