Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality

Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality

Botswana’s High Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of decriminalizing homosexuality, which is outlawed under the country’s 1965 penal code. Judge Michael Elburu ’set aside’ the ’provisions of a Victorian era’ and ordered the laws be amended. Before the verdict ruling, 28 out of 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa had laws penalizing same-sex relationships.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 7 months

Good. Homosexuality between consenting adults should not be a crime. But expression of non-reproductive relationships in public spaces, should be a crime. Children need to be protected from the taint of non-reproductive debauchery.

Libertatem Gentibus
Libertatem Gentibus 7 months


Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 7 months

Good news

Dean! 7 months

I’m a conservative married straight Christian man, and I believe more liberty is ALWAYS better, ALWAYS RIGHTEOUS. Unless it deals with national security. The only real job of a government. We are all sovereign individuals under God. Those who hath not sinned cast the first stone, God will judge us all. Do not be fooled for God’s own words describe homosexuality as an abomination, though as Jesus taught us we must not hate the sinner but lament the sin. Praise Jesus as we continue to fight for liberty for all. We need free speech to spread, we need the 2nd amendment to spread to sovereign peoples. I wonder if this has something to do with Trumps initiative to decriminalize homosexuality globally.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 7 months


Thunder Laus
Thunder Laus 7 months


Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael 7 months

That’s great news!!! Finally real gay pride in June!

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months

Homosexuality shouldn't be criminalized but marriage should stay between a man and a woman.

SûmFigöt 7 months

At this point, I’m not excited for LGBTQ+. Intolerance on the left has soured my perceptions of the community as a whole.

Oily Dumplings
Oily Dumplings 7 months


Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 7 months

It's funny how all the focus on changing laws goes on things that really don't need altering

Mitchell 7 months

My word. This is really good news. There's a reason I love humanity, despite our flaws. We can always be better than we were.

Seed 7 months

Decriminalized or legalized?

Darth Logical
Darth Logical 7 months

I hate to say it but it’s the tip of the spear. I guarantee in 20 years there will be a guy dressed up as a unicorn at your door demanding to have pedophelia respected. Mark my words.

Dyslexic Hashtagger
Dyslexic Hashtagger 7 months

Bots wanna sleep with little boys. Don't trust the bots.

Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic 7 months

They should worry about aids

Jesse E.
Jesse E. 7 months

Way to go Botswana, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 7 months

Step in the right direction 👌

Rick Avory
Rick Avory 7 months

I don’t understand why Nation after nation continues to do this.

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 7 months

What is it like a fine now 😂

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