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Graham comments on Biden’s speech to Congress, claims he ’embraced socialism’

Graham comments on Biden’s speech to Congress, claims he ’embraced socialism’

Senator Lindsey Graham heavily criticized President Joe Biden, and said the Democratic president went full socialist by introducing ’the largest power grab in American history.’ The GOP Senator said that the President’s speech was ’incoherent’ on foreign policy and relied on big-government solutions to solving America’s problems. ’He made Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan,’ Sen. Graham said.

Lenin 2 weeks

I seriously doubt that a man who describes Biden as socialist has a deep understanding of socialism. It’s actually kind of funny. All of these people who attempt to malign (personally I would see it as a compliment but whatever) these Democrats as Socialists do so without realizing that those they call Socialists tend to be despised by the actual socialists. Or at least heavily disliked. The democratic establishment is made up of neoliberal corporate puppets and little more, this includes Biden, Obama, Mr. Clinton, and Mrs. Clinton. Few actual socialists would describe them as anything more and none would call them socialists.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 weeks

Its fascism couched as socialism. The big winers are the globalist elites backing and controlling these hacks. They are using the China model with some Russian plutocleptocracy thrown in.

Aleks 2 weeks

I love how a bunch of poor and unemployed white guys on welfare are so concerned about the rich... go get an education now that Joe is making college free

Aleks 2 weeks

Republicans are populist that would do anything to stay in power so they vulture on the ignorant and uneducated... It is disgusting

Greg 2 weeks

How could the “conservative” Fox News say that the socialist president is doing anything other than destroying the US??? Tax the rich to feed to poor to encourage more people onto welfare

Roberto Giménez
Roberto Giménez 2 weeks

The red scare will soon stop having effect.

Cognitive 2 weeks

While Lindsey embraced his gay lover.

BlueGrover 2 weeks

Whatever, why is Lindsey still a thing? He has embraced just about anything and everything except for honesty.

Morgan 2 weeks

I bet his breath is hot. Smelly old man

Ethan 1 weeks

Everything is socialism to Republicans. Taxing the rich, socialism, fixing our crumbling infrastructure, socialism, wanting universal health care and free education, socialism, helping the poor, socialism, increasing the minimum wage, also socialism. Anything that could be good for the United States and it's people is bad to them. Do they honestly think the Soviet Union is still around? We should be more worried about facing in the US them communism these days since the 1950s ended a long time ago as well as the Cold War.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Miss Lindsey I do Declare! You knows all abouts giving BJs.

SD 1 weeks

Perhaps. Now if only we can get Lindsey to embrace his inner Tinkerbell.

Jackson 2 weeks

Bro biden is being kinda based

Jeff 2 weeks

Laugh is fun

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

We only wish. Obama made the mistake of thinking Republicans cared about other people.

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