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Milkshake 5 months
Regardless of moronic foreign politics which caused 9/11 to happen, the debate and fire surrounding it, and the various Butterfly Effects from it, responders constitute an unrelated and separate category of unaligned people whose only interest and responsibility is to save lives with no regard for what those souls look like or how they think, and by using means where the only blood being shed to save lives is their own and nobody else's. To politicize them and play games with the lives and deaths of these people and their families, especially in the event where they have proven themselves and their mettle by not cowering, is a travesty of such proportions that i'd be inclined to publicly accuse the figures playing these games of high treason against the Demos.
michael zubas 5 months
Well Said. politicizing this is bullshit

Daniel McEwen 5 months
On on board with Jon Stewart here. It is shameful that these men and women shouldn't be cared for. But isn't this the same with war veterans?
michael zubas 5 months
Congress loves to send people to war. but hates to help them when they get back.
MacrossMX 5 months
To the establishment, those people are just pawns to aid them in winning reelection. That combined with our broken voting system made worse by Citizens United, and you have a government where the majority of those in power are slaves to corporate power made possible by the massive amounts of "bribes" given to those elected officials as a form of campaign donations. Republicans go all gung-ho when they demand you to "support the troops" which amounts to not criticizing our infinite warfare, but when these troops come home physically and mentally traumatized by the wars they fought in, they will oppose any and all legislation that attempt to treat their physical and mental wounds. I guess the real problem is that any attempt to address the problems are stopped by Republicans calling you anti-patriotic for even bringing up this issue. Looks like the Republicans took a page from a Communist Party playbook on how to smear dissenting opinions.
Robert Hicks 5 months
Wow... The politicization has begun, and surprise, surprise it came from a dummycrat.

Jackie MOD 5 months
most of the panel's 14 members failed to show up. "Sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak and no one," Stewart said. "Shameful, it's an embarrassment to the country and a stain on this institution. You should be ashamed of yourselves for those who aren't here but you won't be because accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber." Advertisement Becoming tearful, he continued: "Where are they? It would be one thing if their callous indifference and rank hypocrisy was benign, but it's not. "Their indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity, time, the one thing they're running out of."
Jeffery Wells 5 months
I got chills listening to him talk. They're really working hard for that 8% raise, huh? Bastards.
Jackie MOD 5 months
working hard or hardly working lol