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Crouching Weasel 3 months
Instead of fining them confiscate their boats, sink them then give the crews 5 years in prison. A few expensive ships sunk will sort these criminal traffickers out pronto.

AshLiamBerg 3 months
More common sense politics being branded as hate by delusional Western media.

Anubis 3 months
Nice, but I recommend they go one step further and just torpedo the boat instead.

SRC t 3 months
that isn't enough for the economy burden(s) they bring.

The Civic Nationalist 3 months
I love how nobody ever mentions that they sail to 12.5 miles off the coast of Libya, the migrants are in rubber rafts bc they're only dropped off at the edge of national waters and were never planning on getting to Italy on their own, and how maritime travel records show how conveniently the NGO boats seem to arrive right after drop off in the perfect place as if they were in communication with traffickers, something they've been accused of by European governments, and that constitutes trafficking in itself.

David 3 months
Put the German captain in prison for life

David 3 months
Should be 50k€ per illegal on board

Wholly Mindless 3 months
Southern was RIGHT! (Well, that doesn't seem like the revelation I had hoped it was.)

Hubert Żurawik 3 months
Good. Stop the human smuggling.

Nika D 3 months
Human trafficking

Tbird302 3 months
Good work Italy

Julian 3 months
Hell yeah!

ElKobolte 3 months
nice hoe so much people advocate for people drowning. are that the same people who advocate for the harsh abortion laws?
Jason Culligan 3 months
Nobody is advocating for drownings. These policies actively deter people from making the dangerous journey. Thousands of people died every year trying to cross the ocean to Australia until the Australians refused landing rights to every boat coming in and actively stepped up patrols to turn the boats around. How many die per year crossing to Australia now? Negligible numbers.
ElKobolte 3 months
they will come, no matter what. you will only increase the cost and the death toll
Monster Mash 3 months
How El? how will they come over an ocean if the people smugglers go out of business? you see I am an Australian and we had a prime minister do this exact thing and guess what? it worked!. look up John Howards immigration policies specifically in regards with people smugglers and see the numbers for yourself.

michel booltink 3 months
it's about time those traitors get fined.

Daddy Tito 3 months
Inb4: “they’re fining people who just wanna help people waaaah... you’re hurting people!” No, they’re fining boats who operate outside of the law, go and pick up people in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and bring them to countries who voted against them and don’t have room because they think their fake morality is more important than the democratic process. Also, they’re incentivizing people to get on rafts and try to float across a major body of water. They are the ones hurting people.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months
NGO's are Organised crime fronts in the business of human trafficking.

Nikolozka 3 months
Ship them to Saudi Arabia, I've heard they have plenty of money and live with the same beliefs as those do

WWG1WGA 3 months
A nice start but would rather just treat it as an invading horde and just sink the boats

Gucci Swag B 3 months
I'd rather see the navy sink these ships for target practice, but this is a good start.

Dust Phoxner 3 months
Good on you Italy personally I would treat this as an invasion and threaten to shoot down any unauthorised boats entering Italian waters. Obviously give them a warning to turn around but if they don't comply; BOOM!