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SimonR 3 months
Good. Stop the NGOs
Captain Obvious 3 months
I thought the Ngo's came from China
NotACerealKiller 3 months
@Cpt. Obvious. I'm not sure if your comment is serious or not, but in the case that it is, most NGOs go to China. They move production and manufacturing to China as it's far cheaper than the west.
Captain Obvious 3 months
the last name Ngo, not NGOs

DivineDawn 3 months
good on you Italy

Monster Mash 3 months
nice starting point, but they need to add prison time as well (multiple offenders). NGOs are unethical arseholes and will probably bleed the fines out of the next group of "migrants"

Infidel bin Infidel al Kanadi 3 months
should be 50,000 Euros per migrant, not per boat.

DivineDawn 3 months
tbh should be more ngos can just ask sorros for help seeing as he funds a few make it 19 billion go outrageous then you can arrest the leaders for not paying the fine xD

Mike Oliver 3 months
"charity boats" 🤣
The Autarch 3 months
I prefer "Friend Ships" ;)
Cary Brown 3 months
They're human trafficking boats, nothing else. They're responsible for encouraging the illegals. They deliberately try to dump them in Europe instead of Africa where they belong. They're criminals.

Shane Olson 3 months
Good, you should punish human traffickers. There should be jail time

Ben Jorgo 3 months
That’s what I like to see, some action in this

Knights Templar 3 months
Bravo. They should impound all the ships involved in human trafficking.

Daniel McEwen 3 months
It was only a matter of time before UK nations got fed up with the constant influx of immigrants. There's only so many people that can exist in a country but it's so much worse when they go about destroying the culture.
NotACerealKiller 3 months
Did you mean EU?
Daniel McEwen 3 months
Yep. Thanks for the correction.

J K 3 months
never mind fine arrest the crew after returning the migrants and impound the ship
The First Man 3 months
That will shut it down faster than fines. Eliminate the transportation and there can be no illegal transportation...

The Civic Nationalist 3 months
I love how nobody ever mentions that they sail to 12.5 miles off the coast of Libya, the migrants are in rubber rafts bc they're only dropped off at the edge of national waters and were never planning on getting to Italy on their own, and how maritime travel records show how conveniently the NGO boats seem to arrive right after drop off in the perfect place as if they were in communication with traffickers, something they've been accused of by European governments, and that constitutes trafficking in itself.

Christian Kenny 3 months

Nikolozka 3 months
Ship them to Saudi Arabia, I've heard they have plenty of money and live with the same beliefs as those do

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months
NGO's are Organised crime fronts in the business of human trafficking.

Steve Thomas 3 months
Confiscate the boats and fine them.

Rhonda 3 months

Frederic Lück 3 months
Well they technicly have the right to shot them down so I dont think there is any basis to complain about a fine

The Masta 3 months

Zayne de Jager 3 months
Every country needs a Salvini