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Fonky Munk 3 months
Didn’t the Alabama state legislature just strike down a bill that would help victims of rape pay for prenatal care? Don’t give a fuck about the child after it’s born, huh?

Paul Dixon 3 months
Here’s my thing, I’m against abortion in most cases. But if a women wants to get one then fine. My biggest hate is my taxes, thus my money goes to fund planned parenthood. It should never be govt funded, if women want it then they can donate money to keep it going.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
Have you never heard of the Hyde Amendment? Is it the victims of rape and incest or is it when it is necessary to save the woman's life that you object to helping?

RickFit 3 months
Yeah, you can bet they are suing using taxpayer money to do so!

Tell Ur Mom It's Tron 3 months
#StandUpFightBack ✊ These women are strong and will not take this lying down. 🙊

Frederic Lück 3 months
But I thought PP wasnt an Abortion Clinic.Everytime you say they are they always say that they arent one

Josh Edwards 3 months
look at the women in the picture, they're not even at risk of getting pregnant

consistency 3 months
keep your christianity in your home and at church. not In our laws. there is a reason there are 20%fewer believers than in '76, and still falling.
Jason Culligan 3 months
You don't have to be a Christian to think that abortion is wrong.
consistency 3 months
actually Christianity is the driving force behind why our states are doing these egregious women's rights violations
Tell Ur Mom It's Tron 3 months
Boo Christians Boo 👎

Matthew Rowley 3 months
Why do they care? I have been told that abortions are a tiny percentage of what they do.
Got Truth 3 months
Matt, you’re misinformed, but it’s not your fault. Media spreads this data manipulation to deceive. All the small services that they say is 80% of what they do isn’t abortions, but they are all the steps leading to the goal of abortion. So they aren’t helping women’s health, they really do just want to kill the baby and all focus is towards that goal. Don’t be deceived.
Matthew Rowley 3 months
@Got Truth I was being sarcastic. Essentially, their entire business plan depends on abortion. Thanks though.

Jason J Mitchell 3 months
F@(+ Planned Parenthood

Petri Fide 3 months
I'm still waiting for Planned Parenthood advocates to champion men's right to NOT pay child support for unwanted children. Women choosing to not being responsible for undesirable offspring seems like a perfect fit for supporting men also not being responsible for undesirable offspring.
stephanie allen 3 months
equality right...
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
Does an absent father qualify as man? I'm not in favor of standing up for the rights of someone like that.

Property 3 months
yeah but the supreme court isn't what it used to be soo

David 3 months
I agree First abortion no sedative or pain killers before during or after the murder and the women must watch everything being done till the baby is thrown into the garbage Second abortion same as first but this time we cut their tubes no more need for abortion ever again See problem solved with just two abortions
stephanie allen 3 months
their rights don't include the right to be irresponsible for their actions and to murder an innocent victim for it.

blah blah 3 months
Who cares what these gashes have to say. They will lose. Roe v wade is on its death bed.

Mike Oliver 3 months
If women want to have unprotected sex and be able to avoid the repercussions of their actions why can't men?

SharkCat 3 months
Normally I would make fun of the Democratic Party, but I respect the dead.

Stephen 3 months
Am I the only one noticing the irony of that "Together, We fight for All" sign? If you're fighting for all, you have to be pro-life, as, in every abortion procedure, one life is ended. Seriously, I have trouble seeing how anyone thought that was a logical sign. And don't say it's not human, not really alive, or just a woman's body. The fetus contains individual, self replicating human genes that are distinct from the mother and exhibits all textbook requirements for life. Roughly half of these procedures ended the life of a female, what about their rights?

Sir_Kutz 3 months
Basically they are suing to force people to do something they feel morally obligated NOT to do. Hypocritical BS. I’m done with people.

Russ Kurtell 3 months
Its despicable how they use women as a shield for their agendas. Not all women are pro-choice!
TheWeakMinded 3 months
Those women aren't real women. Any woman against abortion is a tRaItOr!
Roamer MGTOW 3 months
@Thewrakminded go fuck Margaret Sangers carcass.
TheWeakMinded 3 months
@Roamer Someone is a triggered little mgtow manbaby that doesnt understand sarcasm text lol

Evil Smoo 3 months
Agreed on guns. Not because of anything gender related, but because I'm afraid of what government and criminals can do once many people are disarmed. Free speech is mostly fine. People just think their speech should be more free. You can say anything you want! Your problem is- so can I. Like mentioning it to people you deal with and creating issues for you.

Monster Mash 3 months
planned parenthood wants to remove limits on abortions... but goes on to say "The two lawsuits filed in Manhattan federal court said enforcing the “conscience” rule would encourage discrimination against women, minorities, the poor, the uninsured, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people by curbing access to legal healthcare procedures, including life-saving treatments." *taken from the retuters article. please tell me how a lesbian and or a transgendered person is getting pregnant on accident? I am not completely sure what queer person is but same question. Sounds like more fear mongering from an organisation that makes its money on pushing abortions.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
I did not read the full article but my guess is that they're refering to more than just abortions. Much of the funding that PP gets is used for treating the poor and uninsured and treating STDs including AIDS. PP is also one of the only places an underage person can get treatment without their parents being notified. I started going there for plain old birth control and women's health exams when I was 17. Its no big deal to an adult, but to me I was really embarassed and didn't want my father knowing about it, so I was able to request that they send any mail with a discrete return address. Its these kinds of services that cater to the LGBT communities and the less fortunate. There are a lot of people who would suffer both medically and socially if PP were defunded, and most of it has nothing to do with abortions. But the people who want them defunded don't realize it affects far more then the issues they're concerned with. Sorry i got a little tangential there, bottom line, that quote is probably discussing more than just abortions.
Monster Mash 3 months
nope it all seems to be about abortion quote "NEW YORK (Reuters) - Planned Parenthood and other nonprofits offering family planning services sued the Trump administration on Tuesday to block a new federal rule letting healthcare workers refuse abortions and other services because of religious or moral objections." end quote. Yes it says "other services" but I highly doubt that someone working for planned parenthood and or any other non profit is going to have "reglious or moral objections" on things like birth control, memograms and STD tests. Also this is such a stawman Agrument as Trump was only going to defund abortion services, the other services were never at risk.
Firkintoro 3 months
If you don't want to become pregnant you take precautions. From those people that do take precautions how many get pregnant "by accident"? I think the numbers will be very low. I think a lot of people don't take the precautions and are not being responsible and then get pregnant "by accident" and then it's inconvenient and then want a abortion... people should be more responsible and deal with their actions, instead of killing a baby because they made bad choices.