Marcia Fudge reads letter calling Trump supporters ’racist’ and ’dumb’

Marcia Fudge reads letter calling Trump supporters ’racist’ and ’dumb’

Lawmakers Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) and Larry Bucshon (R-Ind.) clashed on Tuesday after Fudge read a constituent letter on the House floor that called Trump supporters ’racist’ and ’dumb’. After Fudge read the letter, presiding officer Rep. Marc Veasey reminded her that she couldn’t read other people’s remarks attacking the president. Earlier, Bucshon called out Fudge saying she was ’out of order’.

flinx101 8 months

they want President Trump to win 2020 so damn bad. when will the demonrats ever learn?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 8 months

Trying the Hillary deplorable strategy again are we now?

Beck70 8 months

Congress is just a large daycare center full of tantrum throwing Democrats.

Star Alien
Star Alien 8 months

There are actually three different trump supporters. Her categories of racist, dumb, religious are really just one of the three. The second are people who just prefer conservative culture, guns hamburgers, family etc. And the third are the upper class who get more out of gop than dems.

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 8 months

The BEST way to win a national campaign, is to anger people to vote AGAINST you.

LittlePrints 8 months

7 hours since the story has gone up and not a single left story. hmmm.....

GreenMachine 8 months

Do you want Trump? Because this is how you get Trump. Don't insult the voters regardless of if you disagree with them. Things like this are what cost Hillary the election. You don't insult Trump supporters. You give them reasons to be your supporters. You don't get to kick the dog then complain that he bit you.

Hermit T Mog
Hermit T Mog 8 months

Very constructive.

Ben B.
Ben B. 8 months

Lol yeah alright you Tyler Perry looking POS

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 8 months

Finally someone is willing to say it publicly! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😁

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