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Jackie MOD 5 months
to quote Dave Chappelle "gotcha bitch!"
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Best comment right here. Now that’s a spicy meme.
Article V FTW 5 months
Finally a comment from Jackie that I can agree with!
Tin Ego 5 months
Well done take yesterday off on double pay

Daddy Tito 5 months
Has science gone too far?
Deadman 0_0 5 months
Not until I get my bionic eyes and spring legs.
Big Bang Boi 5 months
Hey Vsauce, Michael here
DivineDawn 5 months

Unity.Nat 5 months
4D chess play right there

Robert 5 months
Not related but reminds me of an anon on /b/ who used the gender swap on himself, printed the picture, and jerked off to it. Was a good thread.
Eduardo Alvarez 5 months
Science has gone too far..
Adam 5 months
wow that is fucked
Bennington 5 months
it's not gay if it's yourself

FirstCensorshipThenJail 5 months
Has it gone to court yet? Was the cop actually on a case looking for underage trafficking? Was the catfisher something more than a "Chinese Student"? Was this a sting operation or just random chance?
The Autarch 5 months
I was thinking the same thing, but couldn't put it as well. Depending on the situation, the male college student could have trouble later in charges related to cat-fishing, if this was meant to defame or humiliate the officer. This is assuming the officer is cleared of charges.
Jeffery Wells 5 months
A cop who's undercover as a cop but who is also a pedophile is about the worst cover story imaginable.
Nuclear Jellyfish 5 months
that's what he'll say. they're all dirty we know that from Rotherham etc

David 5 months
Stop already when has anyone in California cared about underage sex they have no prib!am with all the underage females being brought across our southern border to be sold as sex slaves
Conway Mitchell 5 months
Sure buddy and I'm a cowboy-astronaut-lawyer.
Blehgior 5 months
Conway that’s wicked cool.
Joe Joyce 5 months
@conway I was thinking about taking that career path how is it

Syrocynical 5 months
Not bad kid

Bon Futur 5 months
Bruh... how can u not notice the filter

Binx1 5 months
will it break headlines? it should. cops have funny storys about other serve and protect officers. catch them all. i have neices and nephews, cousins, they should know better.

Just An Opinion 5 months
Is this what you call en-trap-ment?
Nigel Savoie 5 months
10/10 good sir

Mark Oulaghan 5 months
isn't that entrapment ?
The Big Dawg 5 months
From what I understand, entrapment is only for when a officer coerced someone to do something he or she wouldn't normally do, and then arrests the person for it. Like if I was a cop, and going undercover trying to convince you to sell weed when you normally would never consider doing it, and you eventually cave to my pressure and sell it then I arrest you for selling weed. But I'm not a lawyer.
Jack Martin 5 months
I dont think that applies to civilians
Mister Manager 5 months
That's how "To Catch a Predator" was able to enact their stings.

Andrew Johnston 5 months
Get it right ffs paediatrics is to do with young children. Interest in 16 year olds is not paedophilia. Also realise that affirmative action has brought about the easy modified English spelling used in America. This has not aided American education of the general public
Mic-Tee 5 months
according to the law it is.

Ophaniel.Xero 5 months
According to the articles provided the student was masquerading as a 16 year old. Here's where the cop went wrong: 1. This took place in California. The CA age of consent is 18 years old. However in a majority of US states the age of consent happens to be 16 believe it or not. 2. It started as legit on Tinder because the profile said "she" was 19. But once the student claimed that "she" was lying about her age from the start and was actually 16 the cop should've said NO WAY and petered out immediately. 3. Instead of backing off and moving onto someone else who actually is of legal age the cop continued to pursue even after being told repeatedly by the student she claims to be a minor. And on top of explicitly agreeing to meet up for sexual activities knowing he was repeatedly told by the student "she" was only 16. PSA: If the girl you're trying to date is too young to even pay for their own drink I'm sorry bro they are way too young.
The First Man 5 months
LOL. You said “petered”. Yes. I am 12...eternally...
Ophaniel.Xero 5 months
@TheFirstMan It's a real expression. Peter Out is a mining term and was said when someone lit a match of dynamite. They had "peter out" the mine or else get caught in the explosion or stuck in a cave in. Make sense? And yes I'm a history nerd heh heh.
The First Man 1 weeks
Just joking...

Conway Mitchell 5 months
Protect and serve, my ass.
Bennington 5 months
is that a statement or a request?

Richard Mumolo 5 months
Cool. At least one cop knows what it's like to be set up by a sting operation.

Spikey Dog 5 months
He only dropped a dime when the cop wouldnt pay the going rate when he saw him/her/it answer the door

Ywacch 5 months
Trap card Uno reverse

Darth Quaint 5 months
I was just hearing about this from other sources. Mad lad.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
The future is now old man!

OumanCoder 5 months
Soon we will replace the Law. Oh wait, we already do that don't we? 🤔