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Cary Brown 3 months
May is a very stupid woman! Thank goodness she's gone.
Idiot Prole 3 months
Not yet she isn't. The blonde bombshell will land in number 10 soon, though.

david dindu 3 months
didnt she know we only have 10 years left?

Booble Plus 3 months
Even if every last developed country stopped emissions completely today, it would not be a drop in the bucket of the third world emissions. Same with pollution, same with immigration, same with every conceivable metric. Global .. warming I mean uh climate change or something is not man made. Never has been. Our politicians are trecherous at best or incompetent at worst.

paddy 3 months
is that counting livestock emissions? factory farming produces more green house gas than energy generation and transportation combined.

Conway Mitchell 3 months
2050 is too late for action on climate change because the beginning of the end of humanity is projected for 2050.
David Rossa 3 months
By whom?
Booble Plus 3 months
Shut the fuck up the entire planet was supposed to be a hellish water world by 2005 then 2015 then 2025 and now 2050!

Ubercheese 3 months
I just see desperate attempt to redeem herself as a PM
Idiot Prole 3 months
One last utterly retarded act to ensure we definitely don't forget her.

Roadhog 3 months
Perhaps this explains her attachment to the EU. She would force this religious ritual down the throats of as many non-consenting countries as she could.

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Just go away Theresa, nobody wants you.
Idiot Prole 3 months
If she would just kindly FUCK OFF and do it quietly without this kind of nonsense, I'd appreciate it.

DivineDawn 3 months
Fucking bitch sue still can't resist Fucking things up that means taxes will go up I hope someone fights this and I hope she falls down a dark hole a deep dark hole

SimonR 3 months
Very easy for someone to commit to who isn't even going to be an mp by then..