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Hannibal 5 months
They should've done this a decade ago when Putin invaded Georgia. Instead of spending billions defending an often-hostile and increasingly Putin-friendly Germany and spending billions on their consumer goods we should be moving troops and military infrastructure to fiercely pro-American Poland other former Warsaw Pact nations.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
Except Russia didn't invade Georgia and the media stopped talking about it when an American-Georgian went on CNN live and said it was the Chechnyans killing the Georgian. Literally the next day coverage stopped.
MT144 5 months
I was in Ossetia when shit went south. The Invaders were clearly Russian, and in a long standing Russian army tradition, they took everything not nailed down from the local Georgians. I saw them confiscating a leisure motor boat from a local just because they could... I was lucky to get out of there as an EU citizen.
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
I'm going to call bullshit on that. There is raw footage on YouTube (maybe removed now due to adpocalypse 1,2+3) of Chechnyans chasing Georgians around the back of their house and throwing grenades into the cellar to kill the whole family. That was recorded by the Georgian that called out CNN on their fake news and stopped the coverage dead. But if we want to play the lying game I'll play along. Hitler didn't shoot himself in the head. I was actually there in the bunker and shot him in the head, fought my way out and made it back over the western front lines, avoiding the Russians and personally ended the European Theater.

Ya Boi PI 5 months
why are we in Germany in the first place?