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Big Bang Boi 1 weeks
Funny that the scale is “Roadster-sized.” Since they launched a car in space, all measurements of scale must be done in car units.
Evil Smoo 1 weeks
They launched them straight up, higher than a football field!
Idiot Prole 1 weeks
Since when did the world give a crap about another satellite launch? "Oooh there's three and we can vaguely relate them to cars we like". Joy.

Danny 1 weeks
Wonder what the charge time on the rocket was.
Pugpugpugs 1 weeks
the all new tesla rocket, 1500000 mile range, cushioned seats, and a really sick touchscreen

Jester 1 weeks
Elon Musk - “Tbh I’m only tryna go to space cause I bet alien pussy go dumb hard”

the terrible rabbit of death 1 weeks
satellite for canada .. . please telle me they called the satellite HEY!
Robert Hicks 1 weeks
"Eh" not "hey".
the terrible rabbit of death 1 weeks
come on, we woild be pointing at it and saying hey!

Robert Hicks 1 weeks
Trying to keep track of the last few justin trudeau voters.
Ryan M 1 weeks
You'd be amazed how many Canadians still support the little twerp

Unity.Nat 1 weeks
Sending Junk into space without thinking. SpaceX is a terrible company
Darth Quaint 1 weeks
What do you mean without thinking? They have abided by all regulations and are pushing the boundaries in the name of science. you know, like NASA used to.
Cory Pritchard 1 weeks
Gators gonna gate.

Wholly Mindless 1 weeks
Checking on the Wildlings?