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Evil Smoo 4 months
Huh. Some of my coworkers are incompetent too. Fortunately, they're not armed.
Robert 4 months
Hey Dave, It's Rob from the next cube over. Just wanted to let you know that I am always armed. IDGAF about company policy, the greys out there man. I SEE THEM AT NIGHT. they come in here and I'm opening up!
Spartan Life 4 months
Hey it’s Jeff in accounting I have an ar15 and am constantly thinking of open foreign on the evil spiders I always see running around on the walls

Booble Plus 4 months
But we were told no one needs guns because the cops can handle it? 🤔

Michael Algarme 4 months
First and foremost! This incident is Reynolds' fault! This man was in cooperation with evil and violence. He is the one ultimately responsible for putting everyone's lives in danger that day! I'm not an expert. But from the outside, looking in, it seems like this "team" did not train and practice together as a "team" very much. I pray for Deputy Morales. Would that a miracle healing could come from everyone's prayers! But Deputy Morales should probably attend to the beam in his own eye rather than the speck in his neighbors' eye. He made his own tactical error by being so easily talked out of wearing his body armor. That is very unfortunate. I will continue to pray for his recovery.

Spartan Life 4 months
Huh it’s almost like telling kids the police a evil and that becoming one is a stupid waste of times had a negative effect on the quality and quantity for officers available to do the job.

orlando gomez 4 months
Wow it's like the police do not trust police officers either because they think the police will shoot them for no reason, or bacause they suck at their job. The people working as police even fear this, so I guess thats about everyone that believe the cops will shoot you for fun and get away with it.