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paddy 3 months
why are the Democrats so afraid of knowing how many citizens we have...

Natasha Gossman 3 months
I don't think Democrats know what Racism means...I think they're thinking Nationalism....You can't just redefine race every time it suits your fancy. Race is just a made up word used to deplatform whoever the real bigots don't like. Race is not the same as Culture, its not the same as Ethnicity, and its not the same as Genetics. Its just a socially significant physical feature. It has no relevence in civilized society or medicine or science in general. Ethnicity is real, Culture is very real, Genetics are real, Race is not. A White person who keeps out White and Brown and Black and freaking Purple humans because they're breaking the law is not a racist, he's just a comander in chief doing his job.
ffcSquall 3 months
The left has thrown around terms like "racist" and "fascist" so often that they forgot what they actually mean.
bobby_5150 3 months
All they have to do is look in a mirror.
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Natasha why not? It worked for Hitler in the 1930’s. It’s not like the Democratic voting base is the most intelligent in the world. 60% of Democrats actually believed AOC when she said the world is going to end in 12 years. Nobody brought up the fact that AOC later defended herself by labeling that 60% incompetent.

Michael Tatom 3 months
Trump 2020!
Jackie MOD 3 months
What makes this a good argument for Trump's continued Presidency?
Jester 3 months
Because the Democrats have a severe case of TDS. I guess Michael appreciates that the Trump doesn’t dance to their tune
Ben B. 3 months
Because non-citizens don't belong in the census

Nika D 3 months
So tired of everything common sense (like knowing how many citizens to determine representation) being labeled racist. The left has lost the plot. Too bad they already run the country. Say goodbye to our beautiful experiment with freedom.

Unity.Nat 3 months
Racist to have a census that asks the question on if you are a Citizen. A new one for me

Mod Okay 3 months
Yeah its been proven the question was added because of racism and gerrymandering. It was all in the files of a dead Republican strategist.
Ben B. 3 months
or maybe it's because having non-citizens in the census messes up the distribution of representation. Do you think places like Commiefornia would have even nearly as much representation if they weren't inflating their numbers with illegal immigrants? It's not fair, and I have no doubt that if illegals voted Republican, this would've been done decades ago.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
Ben, here's an idea, make representation based upon the number of voters. Still use the EC, because that's the one thing that protects the rural minority from being squashed. But if people actually had to vote in order to be counted, I wonder how that might affect the nation. Because illegals can't vote (well, they can't register to vote, they can still lie and cheat and steal a vote from a real citizen, but that's beside the point) so their numbers wouldn't have any affect at that point.
paddy 3 months
if California can get away with it, who else is?

Christian Kenny 3 months
I think what happens with the left is that 25% are bad shit crazy and influence the others to do stupid stuff. Come on they can’t all be like the sjws.

Ben B. 3 months
What does the Barr contempt vote have to do with the census issue? They're completely unrelated
StrangeCalibur 3 months
Politics man, everything is related. Democrats used their political points to take a shot at Barr and trump returns fire with this.
Random Bit 3 months
If you read the article/s - Dems were offered documents (more than requested) but they decided to play ball by issuing contempt vote against Barr if docs not supplied... so Trump fired back by lifting his middle finger! ..!..

Mod Okay 3 months
This makes no sense Barr being contempt has absolutely no connection with the Census documents.

consistency 3 months
love how this is supported by anyone. fascism anyone?
Beisht Kione 3 months
You keep using that word, but I dont think you know what it means.
consistency 3 months
keep believing, it's all that's left.

Lowlife 3 months
Stepping away from illegals don’t people with work visas also get included in the census? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many actual citizens of the United States there are vs noncitizen who live here, which can be people with visas to asylum seekers to squatters to illegals

Judi Em 3 months
So they ask the question. Does anyone e think the illegals will answer truthfully?

Steve Cabiedes 3 months
Failure of an administration to conduct itself with the law, in regard to ensuring the Congress' requests IS impossible. Do it on these grounds, not flimsy Russia hype.