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Miles O'Brien 3 months
More debate and then Senate not voting is the way America treats its heroes.

Andrew 1010 3 months

Sir_Kutz 3 months
Well, it goes to show if you want anything done in this country you need to be a wealthy elite.

Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson 3 months
This whole thing is a bit of a show. The fund comes up for renewal every few years and always passes nearly unanimously. It was never going to go away.

Nick Huffman 3 months
Sometimes we have to put politics aside because it is just the right thing to do. No matter where you align yourself this is a victory for the American people.

Rachel Walker 3 months
I’m sorry but Jon Stewart is way overrated if you have to take an ex-comedians fit pitch on TV to get something done it doesn’t bode well for Us as a Nation.
Ben B. 3 months
Agreed, but I'm glad he did it, because it appears that without his name attached to the story, people wouldn't've payed attention to it. Sad but true.
Mr. Gone 3 months
I'm sorry that the harsh truth you want us to face is that Jon Stewart is "overrated"... what a non-comment. In a time where one of the only places to get truth in news coverage is from Jag-off nightclub comedian Jimmy Dore... I am thankful for comedians in politics.
Andrew Colomy 3 months
And yet Jon Stewart is still an infinitely better person than his rival Colbert. At least Jon fights for something that matters to us all, while Colbert just sits on his little stage making smug remarks against the president to his brainless fans.