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Whicker 5 months
Lol Google acting like they care about your priva

Seed 5 months
Google SHOULD be broken up, as should Facebook and Amazon (Microsoft and Apple probably won't happen, but there are ways to undercut them). Send big tech monopolies to the GOOLAG
Ben B. 5 months
Apple could happen, considering how they manage their app store. Google does the same thing. I know Alex Jones is pretty crazy, but I warned people, if they can take down InfoWars, they can take down anyone. It's a free speech issue.

f8602390 5 months
hey hey hey use Brave everyday
RandomusCuntikus 5 months
I've noticed how some videos on some news sites won't play on Brave. "Failed to load ads" or something. Ok, I won't watch it then.
David M. Bebber 5 months
if that's the case you didn't really want that site anyway did you?
RandomusCuntikus 5 months
@Dave Or the site does not want me.

Wholly Mindless 5 months