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Seed 3 months
An interesting pair, I disagree with them on this one. Admittedly my religious beliefs put me at a hard line against this by default. On a practical level though, people should learn to take responsibility for their own decisions; birth control completely sidesteps that responsibility.

MF 3 months
Never been a fan of hers, or his for that matter. But if they can somehow figure out how to actually get something done up there, I'm all for it!

Jackie MOD 3 months
They are rapidly becoming my favorite Congressional power couple! I love the example they're setting. If these two can work together, maybe any of us can.
Hannibal 3 months
In fairness they're both proposing milquetoast legislation that most Americans are surprised isn't already on the books.
Bennington 3 months
it's a surprising pairing to say the least but has long has they manage to get this through, even if it is something that makes no sense not being there already, that's a win for everyone
AY-MO 3 months
This is how Congress used to work. Good job on the both of them.