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Cheri Carter 3 months
And Republicans always want to blame Democrats for overspending. So, if a Democrat gets elected in 2020, will the Republicans blame the Democrats for the high debt. My guess is yes. They don't take responsibility for any of the White House problems, why would they start now?
Unbiased Intent 3 months
Oh, you'll only see that sky-rocket then. Have you even looked into the absolutely, totally insane financial requirements needed for your side's policies? Publicly funded health care for all? Green new deal? Reperations? Opening even more tax funded services to ILLEGAL immigrants? Do we have a bloated military budget? Yes. See? We can probably agree on at least that. But I will always want us as number 1.

Star Alien 3 months
Conservatives spending like crazy and we get nothing lol.
Rudy Concepcion 3 months
Erm, Conservatives are trying to find ways to reduce spending. Democrats, they’re the ones trying to push Medicare for all and the Green New Deal with its multi trillion dollar price tags.
Star Alien 3 months
No medicare for all right now, no green new deal and the budget still goes up in a republican controlled government. God yr suck a fcking brain slug.
MacrossMX 3 months
Looks like all those welfare checks (tax cuts) to corporations and our inflated military budget to our arms dealers are starting to unravel Republican hypocricy about promising to reduce our national debt and cut deficits that they claim Democrats are wholly responsible for.

Grennich 3 months
I'm curious how much of this is allocated funds for projects that haven't yet been funded but have had money put aside.

TheWeakMinded 3 months
on the federal level, isnt that rather minor?
Star Alien 3 months
Im never suprised that posters on this site or in the public have no concept of budgets, the global economy, or scale.
TheWeakMinded 3 months
clearly a useful response. just saying last I recall the budget was nearly 4 trillion a year... so... care to be more detailed?
Voice of Reason 3 months
The answer is yes, on the scale of the US budget a deficit of 208 billion is relatively small. It's about a 5% shortfall. That's still big enough that it needs to be addressed and the long term issues are obvious but you're right that this deficit in itself isn't a problem.

david dindu 3 months
need to sell more bombs
Paul Hunt 3 months
I’m sure Iran’s looking for some of the more expensive ones :P