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Barra Cudda 5 months
Special crime because special victims.

Just An Opinion 5 months
People who annoy you: N_GGERS Any answer that isn't Naggers, means it was a hate crime. 100% accuracy.

Booble Plus 5 months
Its because its a church right?! Right? I mean attacking christians has become a western international past time and surely its the church bit that ... wait what? they only level the charges on the fact it was a majority black.. church?! oh how embarrassing

Daddy Tito 5 months
I certainly hope that these are not the same churches that were burned down by their own members in order to make America look racist...
ffcSquall 5 months
I think that was in SC, but don't quote me on that.
an appropriate name 5 months
I live in the area where this happened. Following local news sources, the son of a local sheriff's deputy was one who did it. That is, unless he's involved in a cover up...