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Jake Middleton 6 months
Inb4 AI is racist
SimonR 5 months
Rise of the racist robots. a great vod

Booble Plus 6 months
Can't wait for them to shut it down as it starts rounding up black people for all the crimes they previously got away with, and doling out fairer punishments on men and harsher punishments on women to the level men receive for equal crime.

SimonR 6 months
They'll be horrified to find out that there was very little bias and just loads of black criminals.

Jesse Morgan 6 months
Good. That's how it should be. Religion and race really don't matter. What matters is the crime that is being committed vs. the punishment for said crime. That simple.
SimonR 6 months
Race does matter, look at voting patterns, IQ, and crime stats per capita.
Biased comment 6 months
Culture has more to do with it than race. the destruction of the family unit. children being raised without fathers. criminals being idolized. The media they ingest is focused on money and immediate pleasure. this coiled with the rampant drug abuse (legal or otherwise). this matters far more than the slight difference in genes.
SimonR 6 months
Black people all over the world, in every culture available, in every extenuating circumstance available, are more violent and criminal than everyone else. Stop hiding from reality. Genetics are a major factor. Sure the environment is too but that's all we ever hear about.

Darryl K 6 months
get ready for crime statistics for minorities to skyrocket. .. if judged without bias. but then they'll blame ai for discrimination
John Curtin 6 months
AI is inherently racist, because it has been originally coded from mostly cis white males, putting evil lines of influencing, self-recognising, code.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 months
Sounds more like “Take people out of the equation” How long before a “jury of our peers” becomes an AI jury? Machines are only as infallible as those setting their algorithms. Who would be setting this one’s?