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ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
The time has come... to die.
SRC t 4 months
their sure are pushing for it!
ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
The communist diet plan will solve americas obesity.

SimonR 4 months
Hitler was a democratic socialist.
Oliver Biscuit 4 months
Can't mention that. It goes against the "Nazis are right wing narrative" lol
Based Haole 4 months
Hitler was a nationalist socialist you moron
Oliver Biscuit 4 months
Socialist is socialist. Doesn't matter if it's national or democratic. It's all garbage ideology.

Thumper Plexed 4 months
Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Not only is Democratic Socialism a contradiction in terms but it just sounds BORING, you need something with a bit more zip to it like I dunnnno... Semi-Automatic Bolshevism? Or how about Schismatic Stalinism? This might sound a little ageist but in your case Rheumatic Absolutism might fit quite nicely? ☭✌️👴✌️☭
Rick Avory 4 months
This genuinely made me laugh
Thumper Plexed 4 months
That's why I'm here Rick 😄 Happy to be of service.

Avi Khait 4 months
"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." - attributed to T. Jefferson
Star Alien 4 months
Quoting slaveholders I see.
Gunter-c137 4 months
racist pig! lol couldn't resist
Jason Culligan 4 months
And modern socialism isn't a form of slavery to the state?

Andrew Colomy 4 months
Democratic socialism will be the key to defeating Bernie Sanders.
Noam Paval Chomsky 4 months
Exactly. Wonder how long it takes them to work out their leftist extremism is what's causing them to fail.
Curtis Miller 4 months
He defeats himself

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
Bernie is proof that age does not make you wiser. Get a real job you old fool.
Avi Khait 4 months
Unfortunately, there are more than enough gullible idiots who doesn't know history, still buying his books and making donations. I just hope it doesn't go anywhere serious.

Ryan M 4 months
"Guaranteed economic rights."

Avi Khait 4 months
Bernie and his fans: enough empty talk. Create a company, or a commune, or a collective farm based on those principles. Then see how well it competes with the rest of the economy. So far all such economic experiments (around the 60s, was it?) have failed, as have failed all Socialist experiments as they ran out of OPM.
Hannibal 4 months
He was kicked out of a commune for beinga lazy shmuck in the 1960s. Google it.

Jason Culligan 4 months
So his aim is to put Americans back to work by completely rebuilding the systrm at a time when there is record employment. Why do people take this guy seriously again?
Rick Avory 4 months
Very very good point

Hannibal 4 months
He's correct in the most tragic way possible. Inevitably democracy leads to demagogues promising the most bread and the biggest circus. Whenever you hear "free" you'll see millions nodding in agreement.

Jake Middleton 4 months
“Man who made millions with capitalism explains why you should give him your money”

Mozgus 4 months
The time to change your Depends has come.
ffcSquall 4 months
I doubt he does that himself.

Andrew Colomy 4 months
Socialism would be swell... if it actually worked and was sustainable.
Wholly Mindless 4 months
Anyone dumb enough to want to run that kind of system isn't smart enough to do so.

Andre Gerard 4 months
Just a thought. If it was never real Socialism when it inevitably failed. Would Democratic Socialism by definition not be real Socialism?

Hermit T Mog 4 months
If he ever starts practicing what he preaches I might actually listen.

David M. Bebber 4 months
Agreed... can we finally put it to rest with the other bad ideas of history?

iknowalittle 4 months
Burnie is the only one that will take down special interest groups that now control congress.! .. people should listen to him he is the resl deal... democratic socialism is the same sytem we have now but instead of giving the 1% welfare it is given to people who need it
Vinnyeezuz 4 months
The problem is that it is the poor who receive all this welfare, not the rich. His plans for universal health care will drive our country into massive debt. Not even the 1% can pay for that because of our progressive tax system, they already pay huge amounts of our tax revenue. It’s a great idea to help everyone (I’m somewhat of a populist myself) but his plan is not possible.
iknowalittle 4 months
actually the tax system is only progressive unil middle class wages...if you ever reach upper class the taxes you pay regress in comparison to your income.... and universal healthcare will only be possible if people will stand up to and eliminate the rich and super powerful insurance companies who have convinced the masses that everything will fall to pieces without paying them billions in premiums

Xavier 4 months
like all his proponents, he doesn't know what socialism is. what he alludes to (and points to as an example) is social democracy like in scandinavia; a capitalist system that has a large govt, high taxes, and a lot of social services. OR, he does know what it is, understands that his proponents don't, and is taking advantage of their ignorance to claim a mandate to implement socialism (though I find it difficult to believe that could ever come to pass in the US)

Roadhog 4 months
Democratic socialism is the most effective way to lower working class wages in the long run. One of the most myopic ideologies known to man. People forget that Hugo Chavez was democratically elected and it took decades for the rot to manifest; it was all too predictable but the predictors were ignored. You should also not forget that Bernie Sanders himself was once a cheerleader for the Venezuelan experiment, right up until it became impossible to ignore the famine and crimes against humanity. Because at that point it magically becomes "not real socialism" according to scumbag apologists.

Jester 4 months
Yep, just keep moving the goalposts🤡🌎