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Booble Plus 3 months
Brexit Boris Brings Britain Back!

Christopher Stone 3 months
Boris will bring Brexit or Farage will do it himself...and England shall be free.

internet user 3 months
Boris is the only one who supports brexit

David O'Doherty 3 months
Boris! Boris! Boris!!

Xavier 3 months
since he said he was gonna cut tax for earnings over 50k, but increase national insurance (which everyone pays, currently 12% of income - then income tax is at least 20% on top), I'm genuinely concerned and now praying Gove or ideally Raab will take it. Looking unlikely though.

Lashed 3 months
come on Boris! I only.want him in because I have a £50 bet he would get prime minister one day....
NotACerealKiller 3 months
Fair play. I can respect that.
Tin Ego 3 months
I only want him because of the amount of salt it will produce amongst the Guardian readership

Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
When they elect Boris as PM, the left will riot and the NWO will have the excuse to impose curfews and military rule.
AY-MO mk2 3 months
That piece of shit better not get in. Hes thatcherite filth
Oliver Biscuit 3 months
Regardless, if he gets in or not, if brexit doesn't happen, the brexit party will win the next election
Daddy Tito 3 months
So by “the NWO will impose martial law” you mean they just won’t leave the EU?