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Stefan Bißle 5 months
I openly express my hatred for a sitting President of another country and now I'm crying because y'all want let me done with him. Who the F**k wants to dine with someone they hate, unless they are planning to disrupt the event.

AY-MO mk2 5 months
Erm maybe because youre a grassing wee prick? Hed get on well with jackie and drake lol

Curtis Miller 5 months
Had not received a “satisfactory” answer. No you got an answer you just didn’t like it.

Sapper82 5 months
Just read this in a pro- remain rag (the daily fail) and it was so openly anti trump it was disgusting. A lot of horror stories are out now in the leftist media- American ‘chlorinated’ chicken, Americans want to ‘seize’ Britain’s keel in the crown- the NHS blah blah blah. Almost every Brit knows the distain both parliament and the media have for the normal folk, but still peddle the ‘orange man bad’ BS. Trump was welcomed with open arms to the UK and is seen as the strongest President the US has had in a generation. Even if the weak governments forget for selfishness and greed, schools won’t teach for reasons of left wing propaganda, the PEOPLE will never forget the sacrifice the US made for us, and the enduring brotherhood we will always have.
Edward Williams 5 months
The daily fail 🤣 I'm gonna have to remember that!

Avi Khait 5 months
Ok, now they have to redo the whole thing.

SimonR 5 months
Because you're not important dude.