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Barra Cudda 4 months
Someone has stolen the gundams

AY-MO mk2 4 months
HAHA grassing cunts. who was it. jackie or her tag team partner drake?? i must be doing summat right eh? You gutless pieces of shite
Ben Jorgo 4 months
You’ve just got to Love Jakie

Daddy Tito 4 months
We don’t have the world’s largest navy for nothing. Looks like we have to escort all oil shipments headed for the US, or ideally get our oil from elsewhere

SimonR 4 months
Nuke Iran.
Philip Vonleipzig 4 months
Yeah because murdering 82 million people is the best way to solve the situation with Iran. Great idea you genocidal maniac 👍
SimonR 4 months
Because terrorism can be solved any other way
SimonR 4 months
"death to America"

Voice of Reason 4 months
Sounds like it's time to burn Iran's weapons capability to the ground. Dont really need to invade them if you destroy all of their launchers and weapons stockpiles then keep targeting those sites to prevent them from rebuilding.
Max Maidment 4 months
Then they start launching missiles from schools
Voice of Reason 4 months
So you blow up the schools too, come on this isn't rocket science.
Max Maidment 4 months
Then you have another generation of terrorists to deal with