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Eva Blue 4 months
WTF. attacking police over the death of a felon. Really? We'd rather now have felons on the street than allow police to do their jobs?
Oliver Biscuit 4 months
This is to be expected when the msm sensationalize everything and blow thing out of proportion instead of just tell the news with facts
Roadhog 4 months
You ever see The Young Turks? That's exactly what they want.
Klaus Hermann 4 months
america is a funny place i think all of you are retardet.

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
*clears throat*📢 Despite being only 13% of the population...
Robert 4 months
Stop it! Percentages are racist!
Spartan Life 4 months
Sir are you speaking English you imperialist dog you should be speaking African.
Don Grantham 4 months
Are you saying that all this trouble was because of a freakin' American?

SimonR 4 months
let me guess, he didn't have his hands up
EpochPrime 4 months
dindu nuffin wrong

.Tet. 4 months
Wonder how many people are gping to comment on this.. Be strong blue bloods. We cant rely on citizens to fix the country, so I'm glad we can rely on you select brave to stop them from doing other nonsense in the streets.
Invisible “O” King 4 months
from your username I can see ypu ate a man of culture as well :)
Innerparty 4 months
you're offensive... ;-)
I am Cobalt 4 months
yes, everyone should back the blue

Steven 4 months
Why can't the police shoot the attackers? Seems logical.

Evolved Ape 4 months
And I’m over here concerned about my 401k. I guess I should instead be in the streets protesting and getting a criminal record and then be mad at all those responsible people who went to bed early Wednesday night for an important meeting Thursday for not being more willing to give me more of their greedy capitalist hoarding money.
Orion Dakota 4 months
I also was too busy having a job and being a productive member of society to protest the death of another felon...

David O'Doherty 4 months
They dindu nuffin' 🤡

Tell Ur Mom It's Tron 4 months
This wouldnt happen if the racist cops would stop shooting Black men in record numbers. It is uplifting to see my fellow countrymen rising up against this murderous tyranny. ✊ Stay strong
Sir_Kutz 4 months
Actual stats plz
Edward Williams 4 months
My IQ dropped just reading this.

Innerparty 4 months
Multiple felony warrants, a bunch of kids and going to the university as well. Wow !!! Where does he find the time ?

Evolved Ape 4 months
There is a great line in the movie Mississippi burning where a black kid was actually lynched and the black community in the area started riots in their sector. The main protagonist FBI agent comes flying to the scene to see the main antagonist local sherif standing by and doing nothing. The FBI agent asks why the sherif has not moved in to stop the riots and the sherif said if the black community wanted to “tear up their own assholes” he was going to let them. Great line.

Mike Oliver 4 months
When protesters stop protesting and start attacking the police should sound a special siren which means if you are there to protest and not to fight it is time to leave, after a five minute period anyone who remains should be treated as a hostile aggressor and dealt with by force.

Star Alien 4 months
TakeThePill 4 months
So much edge. You must, like, have a motorcycle and smoke cigarettes. Wowie zowie.
Spartan Life 4 months
Wow a person with such little going on in their life that they insult civil servants online
Fjiuk Jiu 4 months
I agree. All cops are beautiful.

Don Grantham 4 months
When you attack and injure 24+ police, you are no longer a 'protester'. Time to end this PC farce and deal with reality.

Watheverable GRAMPS 4 months
He wuz a gud boi that din do nuffin, we need mo money fo dem programs!

T.N. Morgan 4 months
Stop policing black neighborhoods. Let these fuckers kill one another. It's what they want and what they deserve.

Deadman 0_0 4 months
Rioting over some criminal that shot someone and robbed them. Astounding.

Based Haole 4 months
he dindunuffin he was goana be a lawyer my nigga now he no more nothing but Dade and he ain't deserve that just cause he when try and Rob a couple no good whypipo

Ywacch 4 months
13 % of the population ________________________. * fill in the blank*

Guillaume Eachus 4 months
Less cops on the streets. sounds good.

Miles O'Brien 4 months
And a bonus: No trial!