FEC chair warns candidates from accepting foreign assistance

FEC chair warns candidates from accepting foreign assistance

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub said Thursday it is illegal to accept foreign assistance during elections. This comes after President Trump publicly suggested he would accept foreign intelligence on opponents. Any political campaign that does receive such an offer should report it to the FBI, Weintraub added.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months

Steele dossier.

Robert 8 months

Interpretation of the law is not up to the FEC, it is up to the courts. Furthermore to interpret the law as disallowing any assistance to a cannidate is asinine. If the if they ask the receptionist at a foreign hotel where the bathroom is. Is that illegal? In context the law is obviously referring to bribes which mean the "thing" they are given must have a significant and tangible value.

Highlander 8 months

What good is the FEC if they completely ignore their own rules and won't go near prosecuting Clinton for paying a foreign national - Steele to gather opposition research. Even worse, the FBI then took this unverified document to obtain a FISA warrant.

ManTampon 8 months

without paying for it, I assume.

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