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Huawei phones have started showing lock screen adverts

Huawei phones have started showing lock screen adverts

According to Huawei users, ads for the hotel reservation site are popping up on the lock screen of some Huawei smartphones. The company said it is investigating the same and will provide more details when it has them.

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 1 year

Huawei shouldn't exist in the West.

I Am Grug
I Am Grug 1 year

Destroy the phones.

TakeThePill 1 year

Get a proper phone then. These pieces of shit shouldn't even be sold over here.

Manuel 1 year

Fucking commie phones.

Stephen 1 year

Every single Amazon Fire tablet does the same thing, and no one cares.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

pretty sure u can hack it to get rid of adverts

Plumer 1 year

Do the ads push Chinese Communist Party propoganda? Like the western msm used to do before Trump called China out.

Vertan Sorino
Vertan Sorino 1 year

I haven't seen any ads

.       .
. . 1 year

All Chinese phones and tvs have ads.. Including their antivirus apps

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