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Anubis 4 months
Maybe you should have done your job better Joe and prevented businesses like Amazon to get around taxes. It's your fault Joe not Jeff's. He took advantage of the environment YOU and your fucking cronies in government created.
NotACerealKiller 4 months
With all due respect, the VP has no actual political power, and even then it's more on the shoulders of the FTC, DOJ and Congress.
Hannibal 4 months
Iamionas: He was a US Senator from 1973 to 2009. It's not like this situation developed before he came to power. We can place heaps of blame on him for helping to create our byzantine tax code with corporate credits, sweetheart loans, and favorable regulatory framework.
Anubis 3 months should know the history of the person before you comment/reply. Otherwise you just look I'll informed.

Sloth 4 months
It's real simple.. Don't write bad laws and tax code that allow this. I'm all for paying the minimal amount of tax. Amazon did nothing wrong. Given all that... I still think we need a simple tax structure and.... Get this... A responsible government who doesn't waste it's resources. I'm a big fan of fiction.
Ste Stones 3 months
Sloth: no mate, they’ve written great tax law. Usually copied and pasted by the corporations themselves. They’re all part of the same revolving door club. You’ve got your working class brothers and sisters to rely on and nothing else. Take care mate.

Robert 4 months
Biden criticizes Amazon for not owing taxes*

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
In office for 8 years. Does nothing. Out of Office. Complains about something he could habe solved while in office.
NotACerealKiller 4 months
He was the VP... he had no actual power to do anything.
The MEJ 4 months
he could have had a backbone for his very public platform and called out Obama.
ConcealCarryProtect 4 months
When you think the VP has no power. Ha. Michelle Obama had no power but she did shit. I mean Pizza is a vegetable now. Thanks Michelle.

R D 4 months
Biden is a kiddie fiddler

Rational ific 4 months
Companies support liberals. -> Liberals tear down companies. -> Liberals lose support.
AY-MO mk2 4 months
A vicious circle
NotACerealKiller 4 months
That's why this whole media crisis of "anti right", sentiment exists. Dem hits companies, Companies withdraw support, Media and public pressure encourage companies to support Dems. Quite smart if you ask me...

Havoc44 4 months
does he think he'll win by copying all his competitors?
MacrossMX 4 months
He thinks he can pull an Al Gore by using his time as VP to win himself the nomination this time around. Don't be surprised if Biden suddenly embrace the socially progressive policies of Bernie Sanders, the economically progressive policies of Elizabeth Warren, the anti-war position of Tulsi Gabbard, and maybe a hint of Andrew Yang's Basic Income in order to win voters. And because Biden is a member of the elite DC insiders, the establishment might play along and pretend to be progressive just to win votes only to pull a Benedict Arnold and embrace centrism and bipartisanship. And if he really is serious of doing that, watch Mainstream media suddenly paint Biden as a progressive hero of the American people and the old Democrats will eat it all up like the Trump Red Guards on Trump's "promises."

Trent Packard 4 months
Shouldn't he be criticizing congress or, you know, his own worthless administration for not making laws that make the kind of loopholes these tycoons take advantage of illegal?

Unity.Nat 4 months
You gotta remember that Democrats are gonna lie.

Steven Cline 4 months
Front runner in the ' tax'em more' party, complains about someone using, what may be, the most complicated tax code on the world, to not pay taxes.

bernit 4 months
his getting ready for the debates. only doing this so they don't go after him and his corporate friendliness just so he can respond with I'm tuff on Amazon see.

As Told By Anakin Skywalker 4 months
was this before or after he stuck his hand up a little girls dress?

T.N. Morgan 3 months
You fuckers run the government. You wrote the tax codes. You put in those loopholes. And now you continue to sit on your asses, not lifting a single finger to fix them. This is on YOU, not Amazon. Fuck off with your empty grandstanding, you useless dickwads.

Michael Tatom 4 months
Is he saying that they broke the law? Does he understand how business tax codes work? Is he alive?

dswizzle 4 months
I guess he doesn't understand how tax breaks work.. Amazon has given so much to this country in the forms of jobs and revenue circulation, that our government let them keep more of the money they earned. They've given opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Americans, I think that's enough.

Naidu VGA 3 months
If Uncle Sam isn't doing anything about it, what does it all mean ?

Barny Fraggles 3 months
The desperate is strong with the Democrats.

david dindu 3 months
yet wapo will still kiss bidens ass

Naidu VGA 4 months
We all have to follow our national administration style of operations

Seed 4 months
Joe Biden vs. Lex Luthor, Supreme Overlord of Amazon Who will win?