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Based Haole 4 months
already moving jobs from the states to Puerto Rico for cheaper wages fuck these globalist pricks
NotACerealKiller 4 months
It's capitalism. Make as much as possible, spend as little as possible. Why do you think everything is made in china? Cheap labour.

Thumper Plexed 4 months
These ones will give you brain cancer so you won't even be able to think of suing.
NotACerealKiller 4 months
I mean, I can appreciate the idea. If they could pull it off. Would make a killing in the long run.

Wholly Mindless 4 months
I misread that. I thought they were investing 5 billion in developing "Killer Weed". so disappointed...

Michael Braae 4 months
I will always associate their brand with the nazis, I would have probably changed the company name after 1945

Turn N Burn 4 months
I will always associate Bayer with the fact that they gave 20,000 people AIDS in the 80's.

Kenguru Safari 4 months
invest 5b to spreading cancer never killed anyone.